Another Milestone Achievement

Another milestone in my EVE career achieved as a Trade Industrialist finally breaking and surpassing the 20 Billion ISK barrier. Currently now well over 21.2 Billion ISK and growing. A milestone achievement I quietly had in my mind and was finally glad to achieve as a full-time Inter-Regional Trader and part-time Research Industrialist in Highsec space.

I started the beginning of the year at 19 Billion ISK and steadily my Trade Investments and Industrial production sales grew. There is now some 10 Billion ISK sitting on the market in Sell Orders across 7 regions and over 1.6 Billion ISK in various regional Buy Orders across 3 empire regions. Its taken some work and was not all as easy to reach as many like to say its easy to make ISK. Try and do it sometimes as a steady process growing ISK it’s not always as easy as people like to say it is. Most people in New Eden often just want the quick road to riches with the sale of one or two modules to make several hundred million or a billion ISK one or two times. Its harder to do day after day steadily.

In EVE Traders come in many different kind and in how they operate to provide commerce and liquidity across New Eden. The vast majority of Traders station trade in Jita or any of the 4 other major market hubs. Everyone’s different. Some Traders have been said to Trade in Jita for years and have never undocked in years and amassed large fortunes. Some Traders station and regional trade in the smaller regions away from the major trade market hubs. Some Traders make a living scamming in major market hubs. Other Traders operate in the various areas of empire space and make a living trading and selling things across and between the various regions moving goods back and forth to service the economy of New Eden and keep capsuleers supplied to do their dirty deeds. And I guess that’s me a Inter-Regional Trader somewhat.

So I’ve enjoyed the steady growth of things. Vast majority of sales were all made up of lots of small sales vast majority being below 10 M ISK of most items. Very few items actually sold for over 10 M+ yet never over 40 M ISK at most. So wasn’t like I sold several items for several hundred million ISK in a few sales and made a lot of fast ISK. Just steady growth of Trade Investments, Re-Investments and growth. Can almost seem boring at times how that all works. Some days its just finding a good deal.

Even though the month isn’t quite over as yet business is up just over 10%.

On the long road to this milestone achievement I didn’t steal, scam or rob anyone anywhere in New Eden. It’s a rough place living and trying to make a living in New Eden, as well as having a good reputation. Not that the vast majority in New Eden really cares about their reputation anyway. Many in New Eden just as quickly try to shoot you to earn a reputation for the kill.

Wondering what next on the road ahead, living and trying to get ahead in New Eden.

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