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Why so few Non Pirate, Low/Nullsec, WH EVE Blogs?


I wish I could have phrased that question better, but it just gets straight to the point of the question in EVE Online. And its a question I’ve had in my mind since I started in EVE almost 2 years ago.

I have my own opinions and so ideas why playing EVE over the course of that time, but rather than try to write about it I rather have the readers try to answer or comment about it for a change in their own opinion and perspectives.

The way I look at it is like this. If I was to wake up out of a coma today and read say 100 of the most popular and easily found/linked EVE Blogs I would get the overall opinion that the very vast majority of players and life in EVE are either about life in Low/Nullsec as Pirates and represents Low and Nullsec Alliances, as Pirates that live in WH’s doing the dirty deeds. That would be my overall impression of the vast majority of Blogs about EVE Online.

Yet the very heart of the Economic Engine of EVE is somewhat supported by a very different kind of capsuleer.

The amount of EVE blogs that don’t fall into that category is very few. So where are all the other blogs and why so very few as well?