War’s over, Life goes on

So time has again run its course and the Highsec Wardec that was, got Retracted by Privateer Alliance. Obviously they decided to end the War a day or 2 early. I can’t blame them it was a boring quiet War! Just the way I like things.

And so its back to business as usual, though the normal course of everyday business really didn’t change all that much during the Wardec as compared to after the Wardec. I guess deciding not to dock at Amarr Station and make more use of contracts was a little bit of change but not all that much. For the most part and throughout my corporate life in highsec so far I’ve never talked much about life in the corporate ranks. I have a great dislike for drama and an even greater dislike for corporate politics. At most I barely ever talk about corporate life, and I’ve barely dwelled on it. Though at times I do reflect on corporate life as life evolves in space.

But it was a very quiet War! We hardly ever saw the Corp/Alliance ranks that Wardec’d us and as far as I know they barely had much to shoot at as well for easy target kills from out Corp at least. I did a few times while flying the Covert Ops thru Amarr System and saw some from the Wardec Corp in local. And again saw some on my way heading somewhere in Lonetrek region again camping some gate there as I waved passing by in the shadows. The war was a boring and a quiet one at best, barely anyone was around as well from the corporate ranks including some of upper management. I think it was the 4th back to back to back to back War in recent weeks for out Corp/Alliance. And if you half way think like I do you can’t help but find them all beyond suspicious. I don’t know if some the recent Alliance drama had anything to do with it either, it can be hard to say. Compared to the months before that point its an anomaly I would say with all the recent Wardec’s. However during all that time I’ve spent a great deal of time in New Eden just observing the random coming and going of some of the corporate ranks.

On most days around Empire space I just go about my business day to day doing whatever Market & Trade activities, R&D and various amounts of Industrial Production mixed in. Life for me is a solitary one at best doing the things I enjoy doing. If life in EVE is supposed to be a social one, I’m not one to socialize all that much. On most days I would glance at the Corporate Communications window and maybe the Alliance Communications window if there is anything interesting to view. Yet I do spend a lot of time in various Comms windows looking at what other Market Traders are also chatting about as well while going about daily business. However it was glaring obvious that over the course of the various Wardec’s of recent weeks that they was barely any of the corporate ranks around. Slowly by slowly they all seeming disappeared. It was also the holiday season as well. But I must have missed a memo or something maybe.

Much of the corporate ranks it seem wasn’t enjoying the inconvenience of the various Wardec’s and so over the course of the various Wars fewer and fewer of the ranks showed up daily if at all in space. Corporate activity was almost near flatlined. It wasn’t too obvious at first as I went about my daily activities in and around various regions of space, often just hanging in the dead of space in the shadows conducting business across the various regions. Make contracts as needed to get things done or things moved from place to place as needed.

A casual check at the Corporate Communications window and it was easily obvious over time that other than myself there was maybe only one other person around at most and no one else much of the time. I would almost say over the course of a week or two I logged more time in space than all of the corporate ranks combined probably. It didn’t bother me all that much, as I spend much of the quiet times viewing listening to other Market Traders in other Communications window or reading a blog in space.

I guess as a result of the Wardec some of the corporate ranks just choose to do other things maybe vs reporting to life in space. Maybe they felt the draw of the recent galactic force in a galaxy far away and choose to entertain the prospect of life there. Yet holidays is a busy time and some of the corporate ranks were obviously busy as well. With some recent Alliance drama as well it was understandable why some would choose not to show up regularly in space and avoid such things. Who really likes drama? Not me for sure. And so many were the ways that one would witness enduring silence in the Corporate Communications window, with no one else around. The quiet times slowly passed by during the Wardec in corp making for a nice boring War. And I was often left wondering….. where was everyone. Obviously some people hadn’t been around for weeks as well.

And so a new year has started, the holidays are over and maybe things will change and life will again return to the corporate ranks in space. The last of the recent string of Wardec is now over for now. Yet I wonder when the next one will be lurking around the corner for who knows why. Amazingly as the Wardec’s ends some life seem to be returning to the corporate ranks. A few faces are back around again and adding life to the silence that was. Some corp members who haven’t been seen in a while as well.

It’s slowly no longer seem to be the quiet empty place it was for the last several weeks. War’s over, Life goes on in highsec space.


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