On Making the EVE Blog Pack List again

So on Friday afternoon some time word on Twitter #tweetfleet was that the EVE Blog Pack was getting updated fresh for 2012. The EVE Blog Pack a collection of some the best of EVE Community player blogs. The blog list being maintained by Rixx Javix who writes the EVEOGANDA blog was going to be updating the list with a few new blog pack members.

I guess like anyone else who maintains a regular blog as well blogs for fun about EVE Online and life in space I myself was curious just who would apparently make the cut. You’d be somewhat curious too.

And so when Rixx Javix finally posted on his blog about updating the EVE Blog Pack and the new blogs that made the list, I honestly was surprised and somewhat with some mixed feeling as well about “AD” making the list……. for the 2nd time. I’m quite honored that Rixx listed me among all the other great blogs to be once again apart of the blog list.

The first time I made the EVE Blog Pack list was back when Crazykinux originally maintained the EVE Blog Pack List. That was not too long before Crazykinux stopped blogging and maintaining the blog list and it was taken up to be maintained by Rixx. At some point I was later removed from the list unsure of exactly when. But I think it was during late last summer when somewhat took a leave break from EVE I can only guess during a blog pack update. So for that I’m again honored to remake the EVE Blog Pack member list…..again. I guess you can make it back if you just keep at it and blog for fun regularly irregardless of anything or list.

This is also not the first MMO Community I’ve been honored to be apart of. I guess where I felt a bit of mix emotions in honestly is that EVE Online is like no other MMO game I can think of and is quite diverse in the makeup of respected players and how they choose to life and exist in the universe that is New Eden. Capsuleers come in all kind, have various different careers and come in all shades and some really love the shady life. We all exist, we all help in our own way to make EVE Online what it is as well define it because we all love the game. We all grease the very engine of EVE to help keep it going in some way.

There is great diversity in EVE/New Eden and in the capsuleeers who make up the Community of EVE Online as well the EVE Blogging Community. Everyone who chooses to blog about EVE and maintain a regular blog and voice is apart of that Community irregardless if they make any particular blog list. Blog for your own reasons, fun or entertainment, not wether to be included on some social listing. And I guess in a way also it helps when the EVE Blog Pack can represent some of that diversity as well in the various blogs and perspectives of those that choose to write then.

I write for fun or at least I try to and its a bit labor of love to keep doing so. Its time consuming to write a blog and do it regularly. For me its an extension of the games I play and blog community I’m always proud to be apart of. The number one person I write for is myself. Yet I’m most appreciative of all those that choose often to stop by, read and comment giving the blog a life of its own. In a way I also somewhat enjoy my quiet corner of the blog community and value most the frequent regular visitors that choose to visit here and have a drink and a chat before leaving. Yet I welcome the new visitors as well and all the lurkers that are always there reading in the shadows.

Of the fellow new Blog Pack members excluding myself I see a very friendly face and favorite I regularly visit and read: A Scientist’s Life in EVE. Its nice to have a close friend among all the others.

To the other new Blog Pack Members: 

Dsan’s EVE-Online Blog

Sand, Cider and Spaceships

Gun Turret Diplomacy

Through Newb Eyes

They will all be new blogs discovered to read of perspective and opinions of spaceships and life in space no doubt.

So I made some minor change to the look of the blog theme and added the EVE Blog Pack member link. Tried playing with adding a RSS feed and where to put it. A bit kinda tricky and will have to play around with layout over time to maybe do so as I can without changing the clean look of the blog layout that I rather like to maintain.

Thanks to Rixx Javix for selecting “AD” to make the Blog List again. I guess just keep blogging regularly with a different perspective on Life In New Eden. It’s not easy by any means to write a blog with regularity.

To the other new Blog Pack Members, Welcome Aboard as well!

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