Starting another year off in New Eden

Where I've been in New Eden as of January 1st 2012

Took a screenshot to document as of the beginning of the year where my main character have been so far in New Eden. I seem to travel allot all over Highsec Space. Well I’m primarily a Trader doing Regional Trade mostly. Though I do a bit of Industrial & Research activity as well.

As of the beginning my main character was at 28.1 Million Skill Points and started the year training Large Energy Turret 5 with another 20 days to go to complete training for using T2 Turrets and Laser Crystals. For my alt Trader I have him training Metallurgy 5 and somewhere around 25 Million Skill Points.

Wallet balance as of January 1st, 2012.

Started the year with a nice balance of 19 Billion ISK and will see what I can do with it in the year or maybe go broke maybe. Back in 2011 I had started the year at right around 3 Billion ISK. There is a total of about 7.58 Billion of Sell Orders across 7 Regions on the market and 900 M in Buy Orders across 2 Regions. For the most part Trade sales remain steady in growth and in investment.

Shiny ships don’t really motivate me all that much and my favorite ship that I fly daily remain my tiny Covert Ops Buzzard of which I have several and use almost exclusively daily. As well my Crane to move a few bigger things around that I can’t cram in the tiny frigate.

The Wardec continues and haven’t seen the enemy since the start of the Wardec, will see what happens over the next few days.


One comment

  • Nice wallet balance! My wallet always suffers as I spend most of my time building up the Corp’s ISK base (both liquid ISK and assets), but I should try and devote a bit more of my time to my own poor neglected wallet.

    Congratulations on making the blog back by the way – a worthy addition and nice to have another hi-sec based viewpoint.

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