And another Wardec!

Another Wardec of the week! Someone must really love us. Apparently  someone suspiciously seem to keep paying a mercenary alliance to do their dirty work for them. This week Wardec is from Privateer Alliance another mercenary corp. Gotta love it.

So barely 48 hrs after the last suspicious Wardec ended another one started again. That’s like the 4th one in about the last 6-8 weeks or so. Once can’t help but be fully suspicious that someone has some political beef with someone in Corp/Alliance management or some falling out somewhere. At least I haven’t a clue. But life goes on as usual.

Made the rounds before the War started again picking up all the PI Material from Customs Stations, so at least got that all done and out of the way before things started.

More time in the Covert Ops ships as usual.

One comment

  • It’s quite possible that the wardec isnt personal. I believe Privateer Alliance, like The Orphanage, is a corp that declares war on dozens of high sec indy corps on the theory that someone will get careless and fly to Jita.

    They make good money doing this. It’s very cheap to wardec and these are the sorts of players who occasionally post up extreme kills, like 20 billion in a T1 hauler.

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