PI Planetary Launches

Only just recently noticed that while still cloaked you can launch your PI planetary material from Launchpad on the planet below if you’re the kind that like to do things cloaked. This never used to be that way up till recently and used to be a bit of a minor annoyance if trying to launch materials from launchpad to customs and you still had cloak active.

Apparently this must have been changed with the Crucible patch or one of the patches since. For other capsuleers who do PI in WH’s, Lowsec and Nullsec or those that do Ninja PI in those places, I’m sure they can welcome the minor change. If even to be more covert and stealthy while on grid fumbling with planets in planetary view, launching materials to space and forgetting to re-activate cloak and showing up on visual or D-Scan. A minor change to be aware of.


One comment

  • Certainly appreciated here.

    It wasn’t the Crucible patch, it was one of the minipatches after. Also you can no longer activate cloak while in the Planet screen. CCP giveth, CCP taketh away.

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