Random Screenshots of the Day

What and Where in New Eden am I?

Just because Astrophotography in New Eden can be fun, especially for days when you don’t have the time to writing anything.

So just for a little fun what and where in the universe is this?



  • Im not sure exactly where that nebula is located, but I see it all the time in amarr space. Specifically in Kor-Azor, Domain, and Kanid.

  • It’s the Kor-Azor Nebula and the Nebula as seen if looking from Khanid Region (Edited for Correction by AD) in that shot. It also looks similar if also seen from Tash Murkon though not as detailed or as big. If i remember it can be seen from Kodor Region as well though depending on where you are in that region it looks much more distant in view.

    For some reason i can never remember seeing the Nebula while in Domain space though, odd i guess. It can be seen from there, just can’t remember seeing it or taking a snapshot.

    Depending on where you are in Kor-Azor region the Kor-Azor Nebula can look different in that some places it can almost engulf more than half the entire sky and seem to be in the heart of it and in other areas of same region you can seem on the edges of it though it still engulfs much the sky.

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