Been sidelined all week (still) due to a case of the common winter Cold Virus, the kind that runs around the office at work. So have been feeling really crappy all week and don’t make good for me paying attention playing games. I was worried a bit I might have been catching the Flu which can be quite bad, but since I didn’t ache all that much like I usually do when I catch it so was a bit relieved it was just the common Cold Virus. Yet it was a crappy week of not doing much, spending most the time on the couch asleep or half watching the tube enjoying the rest time out.

A few times login into EVE to just do a few thing, yet half way not quite there falling asleep quite often in the process. Needless to say play time has been limited much all week feeling quite crappy at it is. Spent most the time just trying to read blogs and forums when I didn’t fall asleep in the process also. I’ll probably get over it in a few days.

Life happens. Beware when other people, co-workers that work at your office or place of work are sick or feel so for whatever the reason, it will likely make its way around eventually.

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