In Case You Missed It: Planned T2 Module Update

Haven’t done a “In Case You Missed It” in a long time. However it can be hard to keep up with all the changes and going on in EVE Universe, Dev Blogs and such. So here is one from CCP Ytterblum on T2 Modules a buff with changes still in a state of flux. It’s also a good thread to read or add your 3 cents to if you’re in the know. Thread here.

Click Image to enlarge.

CCP Ytterbium on T2 Modules planned changes.

I guess I’ll probably go ahead and slowly copy those Warfare Links BPO’s to make BPC’s for Invention use to make the T2 Modules.

And I saw this link for this killmail over on Jester’s Trek yesterday that almost made me cry. Even fake tears would have worked too. That person must have just quit or went into hiding. OUCH! If I move anything that expensive and I know I haven’t but if I did it would be double wrapped and sealed. Hell if it’s valued over 100 M and moving it in anything slower than a frigate I double wrap it, that’s my paranoia living in space. For me that’s just my personal standard SOP but thats me.

3 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It: Planned T2 Module Update

  1. Btw, I took a closer look @ that badger, but it’s kinda weird isn’t it.
    All the modules are 0.0 m³ of size, is this a faker? Or is it a killboard bug?


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