Crucible T2 Invention Production

Last few days been less busy as compared to days after when the patch landed. Been busy mostly producing most of all the new T2 modules and making windfall profits.

The plan a few weeks prior was to get all or most of the new incoming T2 modules BPO’s copied from my assets of blueprints. I was able to do that and make a few sets of BPC’s of all the new T2 modules outside of the Warfare links blueprints. Though I did have blueprints for all the Warfare links just didn’t have the time or extra capacity to get them all copied ahead of time for making the new T2.

So for all the other BPC’s I had copied ahead of time when the Crucible landed I was able to immediately get them all into invention process and produce T2 BPC’s rather fast. That allowed me to start immediate production as well and be first among many in regional market to get a head start selling the new T2 modules. Even sold quite a bit in Amarr as well.

Preparation ahead of time does pay off with good planning. If only though i had planned even better and have all the components and T1 components all manufactured ahead of time and ready that would have reduced much the shopping had to do to pick up various amounts of components.Would of produced T2 modules even faster and be even faster to market to make more windfall profits.

Ahh well I’ll know next time a major patch lands. However I still made out like a space bandit in the market 🙂



  • Good job. I’ve been making money on some of the secondary elements to the changes, like large guns and large ammos for the new battlecruisers, oxytopes and PI. I am also trying to sell pocos for absurdly expensive prices but no one’s been desperate enough yet. I live in hope though, it’s early days.

    Absolutely right about organisation, i realised this before with the Noctis patch but was unfortunately unable to get organised this time due to internet problems.

    One thing I haven’t seen people talk about is temporary POSes. I was reading an account of selling Tornadoes and it occurred to me it would be much better to be pumping out one ship per factory per 3 hours rather than being limited to once every 4 hours. At hour 6 on that crucial first day of high prices you’ve sold 2 where your rivals have only made one. The time efficiency could be worth hundreds of millions. Plus you get a lot more slots on a POS than at a station – if the station that seemed quiet before the patch suddenly goes frantic those 4 hour runs could become 2 week waits, completely non-viable.

    Just don’t pick a Gallente POS while the goons are still interdicting its fuel!

  • I’m impressed. Really great to see you taking advantage of this stuff 🙂

    Next patch I hope to have the time to get on the test server and stock up in advance 🙂

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