Crucible sales

I tallied these all up from my Wallet to see what things actually turned out for all the effort since Crucible happened and making the new BC’s. As well as dabbing a bit with Fuel Block Blueprints and just a few Fuel Blocks to see if people really did purchase those seemingly overpriced Fuel Blocks. So just sales figures with the new BC’s, Fuel Block Blueprints and some Fuel Blocks. Things turned out better than I had though.

Tornado BC

Tornado Manufactured: 12

Tornado’s sold: 13 (bought 2 Tornado’s on buy order for 136K & 158K. Resold one and gave away other)

Tornado sales (13) total: 1,512,548,538.00 ISK

Manufacturing cost: 474 M ISK

Tornado BC Profits: 1,038,548,538.00 ISK

Tornado BPO Resale Profit: 135 Million ISK

Cost of Tornado BPO: 650 Million ISK

Total Tornado Profits: 523,548,538.00 ISK with the BPO Investment cost (650 M) fully paid off.

Oracle BC 

Oracle Sales (12) total: 1,452,575,980.00 ISK

Oracle Manf Cost: 542.4 Million ISK

Oracle BC Sales Profits: 910,175,980.00 ISK

BPO Cost: 678.6 Million ISK

Total Oracle Profit: 231,575,980.00 ISK with BPO Investment cost (678.6 M) totally paid off.

New Fuel Block Blueprints

Amarr Fuel Block Blueprints sales: 593,689,489.73 ISK

Caldari Fuel Block Blueprints sales: 199,696,663.67 ISK

Gallente Fuel Block Blueprints sales: 52,999,908.99 ISK

Minmatar Fuel Block Blueprints sales: 56,679,998.00 ISK

Total Fuel Block Blueprints sales: 903,066,060.39 ISK

Fuel Block Blueprints Cost @ 11 M per BPO (45): 495,000,000.00 ISK

Total Profits from Fuel Blocks Blueprints sales: 408,066,060.39 ISK

Fuel Blocks sales

Amarr Fuel Blocks 1280 @ 58626.93 ISK

Total sales: 75,042,480.00 ISK

Cost to Manufacture: 17,625,600.00 ISK

Profit on Fuel Blocks: 57,416,880.00 ISK

So far the Crucible expansion hasn’t been to bad for overall business or the Wallet. I didn’t get rich like the Jita fat cats on the expansion but certainly did ok.



  • 1.2b I make it, or 3 months of playing for free. Good job!

  • Damn nice profits. Grats. 🙂

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