Crucible and the Aftermath

Well Crucible happened and been busy since doing stuff and not much time to really blog about it since I tend to write slow from  my thoughts and it takes a bit of time to do.

  • Anyway small highlights, picked up a (1) Oracle Blueprint and picked up a (2) Tornado Blueprint from Minmatar space to add to my asset list of BPO and work the plan.
  • Sold the extra Tornado Blueprint I picked up and made 135 M profit selling it in less than 15 minutes on patch day being first in the region to list one.
  • Made a lot of Oracles and Tornado’s! Made them one at a time and sold them on market and made umm a bunch! Have to redo the numbers but sold enough Oracles to fully pay for the new Blueprint which costed me 678.6 Million ISK and last time I did the numbers after covering the cost of the BPO I was in pure profit zone for 292 M and that was before i think i sold the next 5 or 6 Oracles.
  • Sold a lot of Tornado’s to fully recover the cost of buying the Blueprint which costed me 651 M for my set. Last time I did the numbers I had made enough ISK to fully pay for the cost of the Blueprint and was up over 400 Million ISK in pure profit zone and that was before I sold the next 4 or 5 Tornado’s I can’t remember exactly.
  • I have yet to make an Oracle or a Tornado of my own. I sold everyone while the market was Ultra Hot.
  • I made enough Oracles and Tornado’s to burn up my entire stock of Minerals I bought up cheap on the market as 1-2 weeks ago prices. Mineral prices have been sky rocketing since. Glad I stocked up well ahead of the patch.
  • Got into the Ice Products Business last week by buying up cheap regional supplies ahead of the patch. Sold all my share of Liquid Ozone, Heavy Water and Helium Isotopes on Crucible day.
  • Got into the Fuel Block Business and sold a lot of Fuel Block Blueprints I courier back from Thukker Mix station deep in Minmatar space. In one day I  was in Minmatar space 4 times in same day picking up blueprints. Made over 300 Million selling the new Blueprints fully covering my Investment cost of buying them all. At this point I’ve sold every one and somewhat out the business at this point. It was fun while it was Ultra Hot.
  • Sold a bit of P4 PI products that I was sitting on for months and made out good at higher prices as regional stocks melted away. Got some yet to sell off.
  • Had the invention facility/ manufacturing running in full gear making the new T2 modules. Good planning was that I had copied all the BPO’s from my asset collection well ahead of time and on patch day all I had to do was roll the Invention roulette wheel while multitasking doing everything else all at once. Sold some the new T2 in Amarr and made out good.
  • What I didn’t do so well due to time was prepared well in advance and should have made all my T2 components for Invention Production and have the material requirements stocked and ready so on patch day all I had to do was Invent  and then send the new T2 BPC straight into Production manufacturing and be one of the very first in the market for at least the first 2 days at least after. Oh well it was till fun.
  • PI taxes are now way up and been so busy multi-tasking I haven’t had much time to focus on my Planets.

Just some the highlights but been really busy in Crucible and the aftermath. Where were you and what did you do?


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