Hauling hauling

You can easily spend a lot of time in EVE hauling stuff all over the place and sometime you can just as easy waste a lot of time doing it.

Yeah its been busy. Have had to pick up, move, cleanup and haul a lot of material over last few days. One can easily spend a lot of time moving stuff in New Eden which cost you a lot of time in transit from place to place given how big the universe is and warp travel times in various ships.

Have had to fly to places and pickup BPO’s from contract research as well prep BPO’s for contract research. Spent some time cleaning up proliferation of assets from various places and moving them back to main hanger zipping back and forth in a Bestower. Got all of it done and some multi-tasking while at it updating regional trade Sell Orders while in transit and buying a few good deals in bulk along the way.

Well we had a War Dec that started over a week ago that affected some my plans to acquire minerals in a timely fashion and maybe mine just a little bit myself though not much of a miner, barely pass as a part-time one at that. Was no problem I got plenty of Trade slots to put up Buy Orders and I know a few good systems to put them up in. So in my region I placed several Buy Orders for all the minerals I needed and a few Buy Orders in another region I visit on a frequent basis not but a few jumps away for system orders in a mission hub to help missions out that want to sell their reprocessed minerals from modules fast at a discount on the market to Buy Orders. I barely ever buy minerals from Sell Orders unless I’m in a hurry to do something.

So in my station system I placed system wide buy orders and in another star system a few jumps away also. In another system that was more central as a route to the last system I placed one Buy Order for lots of Zydrine and Megacyte each to cover several systems at once since it seems harder to get orders filled for those minerals than say for Tritanium and Pyerite. In another not too far away region just a few jumps away at a busy station I have quite a bit of sell orders I place a system wide order for Zydrine and Megacyte. I placed a few more orders across the region in 2 systems I do business in at big mission hubs to buy all the Zydrine and Megacyte as well. System wide which over the course of time turned out to be a slow process acquiring the minerals but that’s ok as its long-term order. A long-term friend of miner Paul, friends from way back in my very first player corp that often mines sometimes for contracts from me offered to sell me ovey thing he had in stock and delivered it as well. I bought all he has for somewhere around 60 Million ISK a small load.

With all the Buy Orders up that turned out to be around 2 Billion ISK in Mineral Buy Orders in total. That’s the most I’ve ever spent or put up in Buy Orders in Minerals and all at one time. And over the course of several days I watched my Wallet blink minute by minute slowly draining millions and billions from my Wallet cash reserves as Buy Orders continued to get filled acquiring minerals at various stations. Eventually all the mineral orders got filled up first for all the low-end highsec minerals while the orders for Zydrine and Megacyte lagged quite a bit.

So how hard was it to pick it all up? I spend an entire saturday all day picking it all up. Picking up Zydrine and Megacyte scattered from one station to the next just in one system spread at lots of system station was quite time-consuming as most the minerals to pickup were all small with some bulk stash to pickup. Picking up lots of Tritanium, Pyerite, Mexallon, Isogen scattered across lots of stations all in one system was as also time-consuming as it was to move in bulk in a Bestower getting it all moved to one station. In the system a few jumps away it was time-consuming trying to centralize it all at one station to contract pickup later in the Providence Freighter. The Zydrine and Megacyte in Kador region remain unpicked up but it remain a long-term order as it fills up. May be time-consuming to pickup but it will me easier to move in weight. It probably could have been less time-consuming to head to Jita and buy it all, more expensive maybe, but I’m not always a fan of Jita either. I do like to support my local neighborhood economy.

So for the last few days spend a very consuming amount of time moving minerals in preparation for Crucible shipbuilding and Invention Production stock as well.

Then….. there was all the Ice products I bought up at a fairly good deal at low prices while in transit through a few regions. I figured it was at a price that I could sell it for increased profit elsewhere than where it was being sold. Prices for Heavy Water have been going nuts for a few weeks with the impending changed to the new Fuel Blocks. So in a few regions I had spotted what seem like some good deals some close to systems I traded in, some off the normal space route in what seem like remote corridors of space. And all the orders was in the several hundred thousand units of Heavy Water, Helium Isotopes and Liquid Ozone at all the various location. This meant had to get Alothos to do duty and pull the Providence Freighter out of space dock to collect and move it all which wasn’t by any mean a fast process in a slow Freighter. But while slow it gave me time to multi-task in warp fixing and updating regional Sell Orders and checking other things or deals.

In the end got over a million units of units of Heavy Water, Liquid Ozone and almost a million units of Helium Isotopes moved which took several hours traveling across 5 regions of highsec empire space. I found a new system to add to my list of possible trade system to do business in for various modules and such and even placed a system wide Buy Order at one for lots of Ice Products. And I guess in the almost year period that the Freighter was bought as a trade asset for heavy lifting and moving of bulk material it saw more use in the last few days than the whole rest of year combined. I’m not sure what that says, maybe how little I normally use the Providence Freighter more than I should but I’m ok with it.

Then I needed some amount of T2 Moon Material to make some products and really get back into T2 Invention Production. So jumped in my Crane and dialed in destination Jita. Since Amarr is only a few jumps on the way  I can check prices in transit thru Domain regional space. Immediately bought several thousands units of material Amarr station while in warp heading to Jita to pickup later and took note of pricing and bought some more in Jita. The locals Jita scums let me know they were sitting on the docks doing cargo security while I made my fast align and dash out the station back to region. Picked up my Amarr purchase load and head back to station. Threw a load of material in the manufacturing slots for production and took some relief that all the days hauling was over for a little while. At least until i find another good deal somewhere.

Did i mention I spend several hours picking up 15 planet load of PI material filling up planetary customs station. Yeah had to do that too.

But for the last few days its was a lot of time spent hauling various amounts of material across highsec empire space. Some days it can be like that and time consuming it can be. Makes it worthwhile to setup a contract and pay someone else courier it low cost.


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