Crucible Incoming

Took an early nap last night, was too wiped out from weekend hauling, yet I still had stuff to do and needed to do before the coming Crucible changes the universe as we all know it. So woke up early with 3 hours to go and did a few things.

  • Made sure all neural training was active and long in duration, never can tell what will happen.
  • Reset all PI Planetary Extractors for new cycle.
  • Launch all already processed PI P1 material already made off every planet to orbiting Space Customs.
  • Pickup all material from Space Customs.
  • Check Factory Planet and import remaining material stock quantity needed to finish making P4 Wetware Mainframe components.
  • Contract all processed P4 over to Trader.
  • Quickly Update regional Sell Orders.
  • Remove Manufactured Products from Factory.
  • Put Manufactured Stuff on market – not completed.
  • Invention slots empty and will be empty for extended downtime, fill it. Realized ran out of High Energy Physics Datacores. Make 2 jumps buy emergency stock of  Datacores. Put Mega Pulse Lasers in factory facility for Invention.
  • Pickup contract for load of produced P4 product for market. Put up stock of new P4 on regional market.
  • Make some contracts for pickup to market.
  • Move surrogate to destination region market to buy BPO

Guess got most the stuff I needed to do done. Crucible shouldn’t really effect things much with PI since all my planets are all in highsec and were setup on decent planets.

Crucible arrival is quite exciting to say the least with anticipation, but what I really fear most is that my Crucible Client for Mac will not work properly on my Mac Book Pro and bug out with lots of bugs like every single major EVE patch seem to do when patched for the first several days. That’s really what I’m most worried about!

That Black Screen of Death Bug still not fixed, still get it on random login attempts from Incursion patch and that was months ago.



  • Awaiting eagerly for the servers to get online to check out all the new awsomness 🙂

  • Impressive list of preparations – I just highlighted bits in the patch note which I need to go look at afterwards. (There were lots of them.) Hopefully with the EVE crash uploads, common issues with Mac’s will be picked up and resolved quicker.

  • “Crucible shouldn’t really effect things much with PI since all my planets are all in highsec and were setup on decent planets.”

    Well, how’s it affecting you now since CCP not only increased the taxes, they updated the price index too?

    I am interested to see how this will affect the long run, and whether or not the increased taxes will cause more players to go to low sec/null sec to run PI, even for factory planets. If it’s not enough of a boost, the prices should just reset at higher prices to account for the new taxes, but if it’s enough of a shock…

    Still I think that the destroyable POCOs will be enough of a deterrent to the safe isk a lot of us hisec PI factory planeteers have enjoyed (not to mention the simple fact that, you know, people want to shoot our fat slow haulers). My main will certainly setup a few production chains out in low/null when I get back on, but the alt accounts I had for just printing isk are going to have to wait until the prices adjust themselves to the new taxes.

    • Well there is the Tax increase and it can be a sticker shocker compared to what it was before. For what i expected the new PI Tax increase to be from prior it is much higher than what i was expecting. I briefly just stopped to look at some my planets that were making P1 and the factory Planet that usually make P4 and higher they are. As i did launch some P4 to Customs in highsec and cost to launch 1 P4 to Customs costed me 135K each as previously it costed 50K.

      I guess the way I see it is PI material is or was vastly underpriced on the market taking into account the new taxes. If all these customs office was originally implemented at the time PI was put in place then i assume prices would of being higher all along trending their correct value. For Dust 514 to work Planets gonna have to be more valuable than they are currently all along.

      What probably is going to happen is the new taxes can eat into some people profit if they continue to sell at the same price they were before or they can price the new taxes into the market product and sell it at a higher price than previously. For me I just sell my stuff at a higher price the way I see it and the way I do PI.

      I also never usually sell any PI material I make from Planets, its all usually stocked up and made into P3 or P4 or P2 to use for Invention T2 Production use. So i’ll probably just price the tax increase into whatever the end product is i usually sell or the P4 since thats what i usually made to make Starbase Structures usually.

      People will have to find ways to adapt and that will be interesting to see how things work out from here.

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