Contracting Research

Its been a busy few days since the War Dec was over a few days ago. Since then its been busy attempting to get stuff done, catching up on things to do and trying to get things done preparing for the coming Crucible. Been a busy few days as well hauling things all over the New Eden from various end of highsec empire space. As well prep BPO’s for contract research and pickup.

Some weeks ago had contracted about 40 BPO to Daus a contract researcher I have been using for a while now for ME Research to get some of my un-researched BPO’s ME Research completed. For these short-term research. I used to do lots of BPO ME research in my earlier days in Industry  & R&D to get myself going initially which helped build up my asset of BPO’s. These days I mostly just do Invention & Copying R&D and use my slots for Inventions mostly with Copying Research being done by surrogates. Despite the difficulties of doing ME research at highsec facilities I was still able to get many done with some great amount of planning in earlier times.

Over time I have built up  several hundred various BPO’s as asset, some I’ve also bought researched as well. Currently have  a current running backlog of some amount of BPO’s I’ve bought over time for Invention R&D that mostly will need some ME research though never was a priority. I usually organized them in hanger and keep them all in one labeled small secure container among many others so I know whats what. So when Daus finally completed research and return contracted the ME researched BPO’s back a few days ago it was finally good to get some of those all done. Especially since a few the BPO’s were some I needed to make various R.A.M components for Invention production. Think that cost me all together somewhere around 40 Million ISK on return contract for the service. I have another 14 BPO’s that I have prep to send to Daus when he has some availability in a few days.

Recently a good friend of mine Von started getting into research and R&D with his own POS. Von actually used to live in New Eden briefly several years back but disappeared for some years and then finally reappeared about a year ago. Eventually he joined a corp of a good friend as a miner chewing rocks daily and over time helped him to learn quite a few things about how the universe has changed. He listened quite well and allot better than most others to the point now he’s into lots of Industrial Production and R&D as well among the other things he does. So It was really good when he notified me that he’s now more into R&D with a Research POS. So I asked him if he could ME research some of my backlog of BPO’s that need just ME research only. So he offered me lower rates…… great.

So several weeks ago I contracted 30 un-researched BPO’s that only had PE research done on them and got back 30 completed ME researched BPO’s. I probably wont use some of those much for anything T1 other than parts for Invention production of T2.  Yet it was finally good to get them researched to some degree as does increase BPO asset value. All in all that costed me about 55 Million ISK to get those BPO asset researched and helping a good friend find his way as a budding researcher.  I prepped 6 BPO’s to send to Von for short ME research and when those are returned another 8 for ME research. So I’ve had to fly to Caldari region to pick those up at the contracted station.

Currently my backlog of un-researched BPO’s slowly continue to dwindle down in need of ME research and though getting them researched isn’t that much a pressing priority I’m glad they are getting done researched and less worry about the need to. In my mind its ISK well spent to have someone else do it as I can keep my focus on Invention and Copying needs.


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