Winter Prep Continues

Life in high security space continues, on most days it may not be as interesting as life as a pirate in the fast lane or life in null sec. But we all as capsuleers play a part each in our own way in the giant connected web of all that goes on in New Eden no matter where you may be. At the moment life in Corp/Alliance for Ametius means we are dealing with a current War Dec and one of several for the last few weeks. Its had some amount of impact on current activities and some planned activities but overall I’m still able to fly about to various regions and check on business.

Ametius usually fly his Covert Ops Buzzard one of several and one rigged as a high-speed shuttling on most of his travels so means can fly fly in the shadows of space even in high sec space during War times. Recently he’s completed training for Transport Ships 4, so can now fly covert transports. A luxury my other half and Trader Alothos has had for some time. So now also have the option to move stuff around with more speed and in the shadows even during a War Dec if need be. Just today delivered almost half a million ammo to another region in my Crane to one of my trading stations.

T2 Transport Ship Production: Crane

In recent Inventions efforts I was able to invent several T2 Crane BPC’s (5). So having recently completed some training for Transport Ships I decided to do a little shopping for basic materials and piece by piece build all the necessary components since i can build all the T2 ship components. Over the course of 2 days in production I was able to complete and produce my very first deep space transport ship a Crane. It was also the most expensive T2 ship so far I’ve ever produced at Ardent Research labs. It’s also much cheaper ship produced myself than market price. I like it, it’s a sexy looking fast cruising Covert Ops Transport Ship. But it felt good to yet build another T2 ship I can fly all the way from Inventing, checking every bolt and components for QA my self.

Winter will soon be here and the Invention facility at Ardent Research has been busy inventing many modules in anticipation and speculation for winter. Many of the new soon to be T2 modules I’ve had as assets has either been copied for BPC’s or still in copy mode at the copying facility to be ready for invention.

On the PI factory processing planet the facility has been busy for the last two to three weeks now making lots of P4 for Winter stocking needs and in anticipation before the tax increase at the planetary custom offices. Plan was to produce all the Advance PI material and ship them off planet before Winter. Still I have quite a considerable stock of PI P1 material on hand at hanger for market needs since I’ve never usually sell much my PI stock.

On another note I had decided to stock up and hedge my bet on PI material shortages when changes were first announced. Thus in my own region on Buy Orders In a three system radius I invested somewhere around 1.6 Billion ISK buying up PI material on market orders. That included several hundred thousands of units of various amount of PI material. Plan is to sell it later for higher profits as market prices increase for PI material. But after buying up all that amount of material I had to go and collect it. Not very fun or productive use of time. As just in a three system radius and at numerous amounts of system stations it took me several hours zipping back and forth in a Bestower across various solar systems to collect, aggregate at various stations then eventually all the collected stock. Even had to send a contract to my other half Alothos to pull out the Freighter and pick up a load as it was too much to keep moving in a Bestower. Collecting PI material scattered in just a 3 system radius is as bad as buying minerals across a few system or region and having to collect it.

In preparation for Winter decided to Invest 2 Billion ISK in Minerals. That probably the most I’ve ever invested in minerals all at one time. I’m not much of a miner, I barely pass as a would be part time miner to say the least. But I need mineral stock to do my business and build things and increase profits. I’m anticipating the need to build things like some new BC’s and for T2 Production needs and I figure I better be prepared ahead of time to do so and not be caught short on needed material stock. It’s hard to build many things as an Industrialist without a ready stock of material or mineral. So an investment in minerals should come in handy for production needs for Winter. Given the current War Dec having station Buy Orders up as a Trader seem to be working out quite well to acquire all the minerals needed to stock up.

One thought on “Winter Prep Continues

  1. I really enjoyed this post mate. I kinda landed on your blog through google.
    But isn’t it smarter to invest in minerals during winter time? Since more people will be active in-game around that time, which would probably make the minerals a little cheaper? I might be wrong though!
    Anyway, enjoying your blog….added it to favorites!




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