EVE: Brilliant tactics

Rooks and Kings: Clarion Call 3

Best seen in full screen and HD as well.

Saw it reported on Massively yesterday but didn’t get to watch it till late last night while was falling asleep playing EVE. Needless to say was wide awake after starting watching it and learned quite a bit watching the movie though not much a combat PvPer. It was more impressive to watch and admire than what I thought it would be. I was actually quite stunned watching it to the end with anticipation. Much better than most movies I’ve ever seen or paid to watch.

Did remembered reading about the WH exploits in the C6 a few times last year that lead to this as well and just finally connected the dots. Watched it two and a half time before finally fell asleep and woke up and went right back to watching it again. So far seem it about 5 times so far and at some level something about it speak to me somewhere deep down inside.

I actually enjoyed the story and at the core its one the things I really love about EVE. Epic Movie!



  • It was a fantastic show, really enjoyed it!

  • Thank you for the birthday wish!!!!!!!

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