Preparing for Winter…

Allot of exciting news about the EVE Online winter expansion all over the place on an almost daily basis that you can barely seem to keep up with the flood of info.

lots of long time Industrialists, Scientists and Traders been trying to peer into their own crystal ball and try to make some their own preparations for winter in their own way or market speculate if you’re a Trader which can also be fun.

The daily stuff on Invention and PI continues. No longer working at inventing ships small T2 ships at the moment, just back to Inventing modules and stuff. Anyway not much time to blog about much else, somewhat also busy doing a few other things and preparing for winter.

So what are you up to, are you preparing for winter as well?



  • I’ve being mainly doing PI and datacore research. On the side preparing for incursions as a logistics pilot and T2 invention on industrial alt.

  • I am not currently an active EVE player. I haven’t logged on since… god… I dunno, maybe a year? I think I logged on for like 5 days this summer, but I don’t count that.

    I saw some of the changes listed by accident one day when just randomly going clicking on old bookmarks, and then started checking the dev blogs every day.

    I don’t think I have ever been more excited for an expansion, I am not even playing yet.

    I have to pay for tuition and food this month first, but I think come December CCP will have one more reactivated subscriber.

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