Nothing Much

As I try to get back into Eve there really aren’t that much that’s been happening. On most days as I pop in and out of the game I haven’t felt like really doing all that much either, so I haven’t done much. Nothing really motivating to do at this point so just really drifting along.

Trade remain my usual activity along with T2 Invention/Production though not doing much of either activities actively. At most whenever I do log in it’s just to move and throw a few things into the Invention lab and take things out of the facility. I’ve now surpass over 647 Invention attempts on a wide variety of modules and a minor amount of Frigate ships. There is currently somewhere over 374 various T2 blueprints accumulated as a result for production. However at this time all 10 production slots remain completely inactive and have been for some time.

Other than changing skill queue as needed, resetting PI planets every few days and doing Invention attempts ever so many hours there isn’t much happening in my tiny Eve universe and just not motivated to do much otherwise as I often log on and soon log off. For the next month or so it will be training Cruiser Construction 1 to 5 for T2 Cruiser production. Nothing much happening otherwise, and not really motivated to do anything much in Eve either at the moment. Can sometimes seems more fun at times to just read the forums.

I guess not much to blog about that often either obviously.

3 thoughts on “Nothing Much

  1. Though I have almost a dozen T2 Scourge prints along with other T2 Missile prints and various Laser Crystals prints.

    Just not that motivated to go shopping for minerals and making some components to make those or even to make Rocket Fuel to try and make Scourge Fury. Just not motivated to crunch simple numbers at all or put anything into production.


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