Back in Space

Real life been getting back to normal as re-adjust back to work life. Had some free time over the weekend so decided to reactivate my EVE account. Checked the wallet and trades were down below half and had added a few billion ISK to the wallet, not bad for making ISK while not logged in.

For the first thing made a few stargate jumps to the copy facility and picked up 10 sets of copied BPC’s for T2 Invention that was completed for some time. Then updated all the active trade orders still on the market. All the T2 items I had on the market had all sold so that was great. Seem had also completed training all the T2 invention science skills to lvl 4 as well, never thought I would finally get that over with. Dropped some other skill into neural training and called it pretty much a day. Didn’t really feel like doing all that much and probably won’t have as much time to do allot of daily things either.



  • Congrats on getting all the invention skills to L4… I’m going to be working on that later this year πŸ™‚

    • There are really quite allot of T2 Science skills and quite allot to learn getting into the T2 Invention process. First of which is training the initial T2 Science skills initially for your Datacore Research Agents to be able to use the agents for producing Datacores. All part of the process and the rest of the science skills just comes after or along the way.

      It really will take quite a while to train quite many months all the skills to lvl 4 at least which is where you want them for starting in T2 Invention process.

      • Thanks for the rundown.

        I have one invention skill up to L4 on my main and almost all of my alts for Datacore research.

        Now on my production main I’m working towards T2 production. I’m quite excited!

  • And of course; welcome back πŸ˜‰

  • Welcome back!

    • Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Hey! Welcome back. Sounds like taking a break really helped your wallet too.

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