Absolutely spot on, someone tell it like it really is

Real life, the economy, jobs no jobs or lack of it, my money and your money and livelihood is serious business in these time of economic chaos and incompetent government! Finally somebody as Dylan tells it like it really is in common sense about the economic mess the country is in. The country is in a damn mess and we are all paying for it in some way and watching it unfold everyday with a clueless government at work. Finally someone talking real sense and telling it like it really is.

Watch the whole thing.

Life without MMO’s atm, its serious business too.



  • he needs a pay raise.

  • Wow, that guy really doesn’t know how to let other people have their say, does he?

    Must suck trying to have a conversation with him.

    • Serpentine Logic

      Still, there’s data backing up his claims so I can understand his annoyance.

      • I’m guessing it’s pretty unusual for him to rant like that.

        Good speech imo, do you feel any of the others would have said something so honest?

  • USA’s problems wont be fixed any time soon because your government system is completely broken. America has been on a steady debt decline since Clinton left office.
    Left/Right, Republican/Democrat, it’s all the same. Just more noisy people pontificating. Bill Maher gets these points across far more effectively than this guy.

    I feel your pain about no internet spaceships :/

  • None the others would have said anything so straight forward and honest. Dylan usually don’t rant like that, though he usually tells it like it is on financial aspects. I guess he just got tired of the bullshit answers and responses day after day to huge economic problems already knowing better and told it straight up like it really is because no one else wants to admit or say it.

    I for one like it when someone stands up and speak the truth without trying to be political correct or worrying about it. The country is in too much of a mess and fast going down the tubes daily to be beating around the bush about the current problems at hand and what the problems are.

  • Blowhard. NO solutions in this rant. Just hyperbole.

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