Account Expired

Apparently I had logged into EVE Online 1699 times since starting continuous play and subscription 14 months ago. That’s interesting to know. Would have been more curious to know how many hours of accumulated play that actually was for all that time in space. I estimated somewhere between 2004-2700 hrs. That’s some serious space time.

For the record my account expires having 21.3 million skill points and 10.3 Billion liquidity is ISK and over about 8 Billion is market trade sell orders still on the market. A choice did confront me pending account expiration. If I had to give away almost all my assets ISK, Researched BPO’s, T2 Invention BPC’s all earned over the last 14 months who would i give it to and maybe why would i give it to them? If i gave it all away to one or several capsuleers would they use it to some greater benefit and increase the investment value or destroy it all in a flash?

In a galaxy where few people are trusted for all kind of reasons and even less than few people are friends it can make the choices even more difficult deciding to give away stuff. In the end I’ll never know, account expired before could really even consider the thought since barely have logged in EVE much all week and ties up loose end of business.

But just thinking no one even asked for my stuff.

Ah well accounts expired nothing more need be said. EVE vacation starts now till whenever….

12 thoughts on “Account Expired

  1. Can I has your stuffs?

    Joking aside, sad to see yet another blogger go. I’ve enjoyed your blogs since finding the blog pack a few months ago.

    Good luck in your ventures and hopefully you’ll get over your bittervet syndrome soon.


  2. Hey, Ardent!!
    don’t be disheartened, things change, and sometimes timeout is the best course of action – no blame.
    Finnlka is my in game name if you do decide to ‘give’ your stuff away 😉 – however i suggest, it is northern hemisphere summertime, folks get hot under the collar – take a break and come back in autumn equinox !!! see how you feel then.

    Either way – thx for your blog man !!!




  3. Fair point!

    I was more interested in following your view on CCP’s actions and words that asking you for your stuff 🙂

    But if you want someone to look after it. I’m more than happy to take possession of your virtual goods and put them productive to use.


  4. Enjoy the vacation. I’ll miss you blog and hope that you stop in and comment from time to time on mine.

    I don;t want your stuff, I watn more to read about what you do with it when your vacation is done.




  5. “Thanks for asking, its already expired though. Will keep it in mind next time ”

    lol – happy days – take it easy, and dont forget if you are a northern hemispere boy like me !! – well winter is not that long off – and for me that is when i can really put some time back in game again.




  6. sorry to see a corp member leave not been on eve much in the last few weeks so didn’t relise you was thinking about taking a break. so i would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and advice on eve and wish you luck in your new job. and please don’t make the vacation last to long. all the best stuby1965


  7. Enjoy doing other things!

    Fwiw the monocalypse seems largely to have blown over. If CCP ever did have plans to destroy the game it seems they’ve been talked out of them.


    1. After 14 solid months of EVE and only playing just EVE guess in some ways CCP antics just added to yet another good reason among many to take a stand, take break from the game and maybe do other things for a while.


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