Life Evolved, back to work

Started a new job this week. That’s 8 months after being laid off from working for a pharmaceutical company its back to work in somewhat similar field, just different industry. For now its just good to be back to the work and full time employed. It sucked been out of work and unemployed and never thought it would have taken this long to actually find something I like and a job similar to my job as before. It’s not as good a paying job but its related field as before. When your out of work you’re not exactly in the driver’s seat looking for a new job with pick of choice jobs. You kinda always seem to be waiting for call backs from interviews that may never come.

Getting  laid off from work sucks for anyone that ever had to go thru that process for whatever the reason. Its life Interrupted. The downtime can be good though for some rest away from work. But been out of work for a long time interviewing for jobs all sucks in the current US economy. For now it’s just good to be back full time employed.



  • I know how you feel, if only from a peripheral perspective.

    I am unable to work due to a long-term (Read: Permanent) medical issue, and our household is supported entirely by my partner (So very fortunate for him in oh so many ways…).

    Middle of last year he was laid off, the casualty of “downsizing” after the company expanded too aggressively. No notice, no severance, no nothing. If only to add insult to injury not two weeks after completely phasing out his team they rehired the exact same number of people, but at only half the salary.

    It was a rough four months until he found work again. We survived though and are made better for the experience. It’s either that or let it sink you and I’m too damned stubborn for that!

    I’m glad you’ve once again found work, it’s a scary place out there enough as it is much less having your stability threatened like that.

  • Iv’e read how you were fired. It does not seem fair though it is no one’s fault. It is just fate. I wish you good luck with your new job.

  • Glad to hear you landed a new job and hope it will make life a bit less stressful.

  • Thanks all 🙂

    Its never a great feeling or process getting laid off and especially when your just one of many others getting laid off as well. Mine was due to two large corporate companies merging and taking some time to digest the merger of the two. Months later was the resulting layoffs to streamline all global operations and manufacturing and many people not just myself got let go. Its life interrupted. Office politics often enters that process when that happens in the process and the wrong people often get let go due to office politics.

    The months off was downtime, but still worrying and stressful times it was everyday. Sometime it feels like the world is against you for been laid off through no fault of your own. At times playing EVE or games just helped to keep the mind off of things for the distraction from reality. It helped allot.

    Its was a humbling experience. Its not the perfect job in the industry i’m looking for but i’m glad to be back to work doing close to the same thing though in a different field but back to work at least. At least for now i’m back employed and can work on getting back over time to the industry/field where i’d ideally like to be. I’ll take some time but i have patience.

    Thanks for the support.

  • Hope it all goes good for yah and you get back into Eve soon 😀

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