EVE: Communications to the void

CCP seem to have a real problem with communication and communicating properly with their player base. It’s like a PR nightmare at the moment. Recent events of the last few days run deep with a lot of players all over EVE. And at times I’ve had a lot of mixed emotions about a lot of it. I don’t care much about the microtransactions issue but the future possibility of Pay to Win is a huge issue among all the other issues for many up in arms in revolt and protest.

I’ve spent a lot of time over this weekend and over last days or so drinking coffee and reading through a lot of blogs, many forum threads, reading Dev blogs responses, reading CCP leaked office memo, CCP leaked office emails, CCP PR thread on the forum that’s now well over 371 pages long which is Epic! Hanged out in Jita and Amarr with all the live protest and fireworks and just enjoyed all the anarchy of it all.

You just gotta love the EVE spirit and emotions run deep in rebelling against CCP and against their silence in lack of communication. I’ve even hanged out in the Mass-Protest channel to keep up with whats been happening and that’s among all the other trade channels I usually hang out in to know whats going on. Its tough times in EVE dealing with CCP at the current moment.

After taking it all in from last few days whatever my decisions came to in however I thought or rationalized it. I slept on my thoughts of everything. CCP’s is not doing a good job of communicating with the EVE Community and the community deserves better.

It’s often not what you say, it’s what you do that matters. I’ve had both my account subscription now for just a few days over exactly 14 months and never once have I ever looked at them. And so I cancelled my account, both of then. CCP hears that louder than anything that’s ever said. Their subscription ends in less about 5 days. That was even before the recent Dev Blog today. CCP need to straighten they PR mess out with the community and give the community real answers to all the mess of the last week.

For now I’ll be taking a vacation from Eden when my account expires till whenever. I’m sure every capsuleer at times needs a long vacation. Hope CCP straighten out their mess by then.


  • Wow, serious stuff.

    All the best. I hope (like you) that they get their act together.

  • I’m like you, at first I figure they were just being like normal and can’t communicate but the longer they stayed silence, among various other things that was revealed, I’m no longer a paying customer of CCP. I have been paying since 2008 and there were long stretches of time where I did play much but still payed for the game, I haven’t had cause to question CCP’s intention or commitment to the spirit of EvE, until now.

  • Sorry to see you’re taking a vacation – hope the rest, and more importantly CCP’s actions over the next few days/weeks/months, can recharge your passion for Eve.

    But for now, thanks for your helpful blog posts and hope to see you in game sometime.

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