EVE Incarna Mass Protest in Jita

Took these pictures live on my Jita trader alt as of a few minutes ago in Jita with the system completely full. System capped at 1500 and periodically locked. A massive protest was underway with lots of protesters in their ships orbiting and firing almost everything in their ship arsenal on the Jita memorial outside of Jita 4-4 station protesting Incarna & CCP latest policies regarding microtransactions, pay to win items and leaked office memo.

With the shitstorm going on the EVE Online forums and the mass protest going on in Jita, Amarr and other places……….. I’ve never ever seen anything like it ever! And probably in a game as well. Its like thread after thread on the forums of protest and one even over 200 pages long. I’ve never seen EVE Online so up in arms.

It’s almost like a galactic rebellion against their creator. Hope CCP gets a handle on things because it’s looking ugly on the forums and in game.

Update: EVE Protesters lock down Jita, Amarr

10 thoughts on “EVE Incarna Mass Protest in Jita

  1. Your seeing a heck of a lot of players bombarding a fixed object in order to generate as much lag as possible in the main trading hub in New Eden. Let the place burn.


  2. I am very disappointed at CCP’s response to player’s complaints and concerns. I will consider not renewing my accounts in a month or two if I don’t see a response that demonstrates a commitment to keep EVE free of non-vanity MT items.


  3. I really don’t see what the problem is. There luxury items are for Nobles who can afford it. If you can’t well, thats just too bad. When you have 1.4bil isk that you can flush down the toilet, then you too can buy a trinket that can show to all who see you how much you are better than them. 🙂


    1. Thing the Riot and Protest is about several issues all in one. Though one the biggest concern is not exactly Microtransactions for vanity items but what appear may be Microtransactions for “Pay to Win” items and CCP CEO leaked email which kinda pushed many over the edge.


  4. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the cost of the monocle. What concerns me is the rmt for non-vanity items discussion in an internal newsletter months after assuring CSM that the rmt will be only for vanity items. I also consider CCP Zulu’s dev blog less than reassuring.

    To me the Nex store looks rushed. Sure have a fantastically expensive vanity item like the monocle, but the cost of the rest of the items in the store are so stupidly high (Farmville makes tons of cash off of $1 transactions) that it makes CCP look like they don’t understand the rmt model. CCP should have rolled out $1 shirts/pants/boots and stuff like $2 one run pink pony Rifters/Merlin BPCs. I just don’t understand how a an $18 shirt is an enticement to get new players into the game.


  5. I’m like you in not caring much about vanity microtransactions and so are many others overall. What appears to be the nuclear issue is the paying for the “Pay to Win” item which gives someone a edge or bypassing normal in game means of player created production to the economy of a usable item like a ship/ammo.

    My best guess was before the higher price of the Noble store items was in my best guess was to maybe limit the continued increase in PLEX preventing a run on the market to buy Aurum thus increasing the price of PLEX. But that was my guess before knowing what CCP plans might or might not have been on the same issue. WIll see what happens in the future.


  6. I’m currently inactive right now and was looking forward to Incarna. From what I have read it appears CCP has seriously stumbled in their plans to branch out into other directions. As a veteran Second Life (SL) user I’ve noted other virtual world platforms come and go since SL’s inception. They either try to replicate SL’s economy and fail or they ignore the lessons of SL and fail. I would never pay $17 for an outfit when I all these years I can buy them for $1 to $5 in Second Life, IMVU or There.com. I imagine a lot of people are signing up for accounts because of Incarna’s avatars. Most of them will be turned off by the cost to dress up their new dolls 😦


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