Incarna the day after

Station docking without station environment

Since logging in for Incarna after all the hoops had to jump through to load up the Incarna patch I’ve spent a grand total of less than 5 minutes after automatically getting logged into my Captain’s Quarters. Moving around in station just didn’t seem to feel natural playing the game of life with spaceships and space travel. The even bigger problem was the lag load on my PC which seem to go nuts which ran just fine before Incarna and without the Captain’s Quarters environment.

So less than 5 minutes after I had logged into Captain’s Quarters I selected to no longer load Station Environment which is the new Captain’s Quarters environment. Which you can do on the in-game graphics selection screen via ESC > Graphics Setting. I’m not sure if CCP long-term will allow many to keep the Station Environment turned off for Incarna. But I’m far from alone in-game with electing to turn of the Captains Quarters environment and just going about life as normal and not worrying about it.

I just kinda wish without the Station Environment there was some easy way to see exactly what ship you were in on login or whenever at station without actually having to check your hangar. CCP could maybe have easily placed a visual ship hologram right there in the screen inside the station just like you would see right there in the same place when the station environment is actually loaded.

For me, I can go about things just as fine without worrying about walking in quarters, looking at myself  and worrying about the lag with the environment loaded that seem to make my PC performance just go nuts. I rather have a smooth running game without the load that’s making my PC go nuts. So I’ve just turned off the Station Environment and can do without it.

For now I guess I’ll just be fine with looking at the hangar door whenever I dock at station. Back to life as normal and doing the important stuff without worrying about Captain’s Quarters. I guess if you ask me, do I really care about waking in station? I really don’t care much about doing so.



  • You’re not alone.

    While obviously it’s just the start of more complex things so far I think the Eve player base has spent about 2 mins each walking to the hangar and back then reverted to filling the screen with windows and using the Neocom again. Quite honestly with Items window, Ships window, Market and Wallet open I can’t even see my avatar.

    • Your right and so quite a few players i’ve talked to in game based on their feedback as well seemed to have done the same after just trying out CQ for a little bit ended up turning off the environment. Probably at least till more useful things get added to the game in the future with CQ.

      I’m like that when in hanger as well with several windows all open Item, Hanger, Market, Wallet and barely can see anything else let alone be really able to see myself or the hanger.

      I guess Incarna is a start for what is to come next in how the game eventually evolves and with DUST 514 tie in soon down the road. For now station environment is of limited use use and probably interest as well at this point till more things get implemented in the future.

  • I’m with you also. I found it rather annoying that you stare at a door when you turn it off. A door? I hope they change that. I would take a picture of my ship over that.

  • Yeah would rather look at the old ship in hangar and be able to spin my ship around in hangar than look at a static door picture that also can’t do anything with other than stare at it.

  • ‘Immediately disabled station environment’ crew checking in here as well. So this ‘expansion’ from my perspective boils down to…unprobable T3 nerf. Ok, nbd.

    Everyone emoragequitting over CQ and microtransactions is sortof funny – not that I don’t sympathize – I do, frankly. I’m not the sort to emoragequit but I’m certainly playing less and less eve. And CQ + $50 monocles + maller skin is not exactly going to bring me back.

    I do miss seeing my ship in the hangar though. Oh well.

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