EVE Evolved with Incarna 1.0

EVE servers are still patching at this moment for the deployment of Incarna 1.0. I’m neither excited or pessimistic about Incarna, I guess I’m neutral about things in whatever my expectations may be. I’m not really a highly opinionated game blogger generally so I really don’t have much opinion either way at this point either. Reading around the EVE community blogosphere and forums you get the feeling that many older EVE Vets are bitter about Incarna and Captain’s Quarters and all that will change or maybe not much at all. I’m just happy for what its worth that EVE continue to grow and advance technologically and eventually evolve over time.

If Incarna with its changes over time in some way helps bring new players into EVE I guess that can only be a good thing. Enough potential players as it is don’t survive the harsh universe of EVE Online their first few days let alone a few weeks and easily quit. No matter who you are in EVE, fewer players making it to eventually playing the game can’t exactly be better than attracting more new players continuously into trying and potentially playing the game for its own future and growth.

I’m not really sure what to expect from Incarna really, but I will evolve with it I’m sure. I don’t envision spending much time in Captain’s Quarters or admiring myself in the mirror, usually too busy having some place to go to in space. Game wise I’m just hoping for a relatively bug free game after the patch deploys and that’s really as much as I’m really hoping for. As well hope the frequent random the “Black Screen” on login finally goes away which has been quite an annoyance on random login’s. Last patch a few weeks ago was a nightmare for bugs and client crashes. I’ve experienced more crashes after that patch on my Macbook Pro in one week than the entire previous year of game crashes combined. That’s before many though not all the bugs were fixed.

I’m curious to wonder now with Incarna and Captain’s Quarters who eventually becomes the first to get killed while in their Captain’s Quarters. Probably in some future patch that becomes a possibility and more as EVE evolves. But just mind wondering and thinking how the game will possibly and eventually evolve over time. For the moment just hoping for a minimal amount of bugs in the new patch because to not expect any is a bit too much to not expect.

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