Incarna Mac client login Issues

Download long Incarna patch for Mac client. Start EVE Mac client, is it working? Takes like 10 minutes for client to start. Eventually ELUA pop up screen pops in middle of screen empty with no info and can’t click to sign or accept. Restart multiple times still not working.

Reload the client several times and eventually get another client update to download. Download complete, restart EVE Mac client and gets new Incarna login screen. Have to re-enter account info but can’t enter any password. Client not accepting password. Apparently the Mac client login has issues based on sticky on the EVE Mac forums. Kinda wondering if CCP tested this for Mac users.

Based on CCP sticky in Mac Forum download the long full client again. Started downloading again…… probably go do something else while waiting on download and hope it works.

I guess in a way from previous post i expected bugs with the new patch for Mac clients, but just trying to login is a problem in itself.

Update: Well the full client download and re-install worked.

Captains Quarters is quite laggy. I found I just enjoy the game being less laggy without Captains Quarters by turning off the station environment in the graphics setting. Hard to be able to view my ship in hanger with station environment turned off, I can deal with that vs the lag with the station environment turned on.

7 thoughts on “Incarna Mac client login Issues

  1. Patching failed for me as well. After downloading the full Mac client, and getting a small additional patch on start up, it seems to be working for me.


  2. Phew. Here I was thinking I was missing out by not logging in today, when in fact it was exceptional prudence.


  3. Got through all that only to discover that I can’t load a ship, or get into a ship or really do much of anything involving ships. So this is good, for the first time in 3 years I am able to play Eve and UNABLE to play Eve.

    I hope this gets fixed sooner rather than later.


    1. Only worked for me after i did the Full Client install, so you might have to do a full reinstall maybe. I also heard that some the PC game requirements were changed as some players PC no longer worked reading the forums.


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