Baking Buzzards

Since getting some extra baking space and nothing much was in the oven I felt like going ahead and baking my very first Tech 2 bird. Had some the ingredients on hand but also need several complex ingredients to whip into the recipe.

So had to make a few batches of various amounts of tech components which took about 13 hrs to make enough to bake 6 birds in the oven. It’s a bit of a process to make the tech ingredients but its worth it and it’s always a learning experience doing everything you self.

After making all the complex tech ingredients was complete, it was time to dress the bird for baking. Looked like had the available space for baking the bird without much waiting time as well. Completed the final recipe whipping everything together and  just double checking everything was all done.

The oven timer was set, everything looked good with the well oiled up raw birds and all the exotic material ingredients. The oven was hot and ready to go, so in went all the raw ingredients.

If all goes well should have 6 deliciously looking and perfectly cooked Buzzards in about 14 hrs with all the tech glazing.



  • Hey bud! I been keeping upto date with your T2 ventures recently and figured I’d drop you some advice from my experiences recently! I suggest building purifier stealth bombers if you can. The average profit from each one is about 10m a pop 😀 Also if you havent been using this. Dedaf’s Industrial Tool is a amazing excel spreadsheet which can calculate profit per ship on any t2 ship/item to the exact isk! If you want any pointers bud contact Randunip ingame and I’ll give ya a run down on how my chain works to keep everything running 😀

    Keep up the good posts dude!

    Fly Safe

  • Hey Randunip. Thanks for the suggested advice. Everything is a learning experience which Invention and T2 production that help shed light and insights into doing things. So far just enjoying the process.

    Will look into the Purifiers. Currently can’t build any Purifiers as yet since haven’t as yet Invented any T2 prints of those and only building with what i’ve produced. Only invented so far a total of 6 Manticore 1 run prints from the 20 jobs have ran on all the prints as of yesterday. Will be attempting to invent probably some Purifiers soon 🙂 Just take some time, but the insights will be useful i’m sure being aware of it.

    I’ve got a downloaded copy of Dedaf’s spreadsheet that i had started using a few months ago back when I was just making lots of Missiles. Found it roaming the Science and Industry forums. I’ve found it quite useful in all kind of ways as well. Appreciate the advice on that as well as well as all the advice. Always Grateful 🙂

    So far its a learning process I like to think of in the R&D aspect of Invention and producing the T2 item. Much to learn and much learned leads to new insights as well. Every day i learn something new just doing something usually and part of the fun of it among the setbacks.

    Appreciate you reading and everyone else. Often think its more fun to probably to read about life at the end of pointed guns and missiles than probably life tinkering in a Lab. Just doing what i can to share my experiences as best as i can while learning as i go.

  • Appreciated the post as always 🙂

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