Hostile Agent, Dark Universe & Manticore’s

Trader Alothos has recently started working on increasing empire standing (Caldari/Amarr) and with a R&D corp to make the skills he has learned some time ago in Research Project Management useful. He’s been doing quite a bit of trade stuff around New Eden for a year now but other than also having some fairly good social skills he doesn’t have any real empire/corp standing to speak ok. Also the need to increase standing to greatly lower brokerage taxes has remained an issue for some time.

He’s recently trained some Advance Sciences skills for R&D a bit different to his brother Ametius and can now access most lvl 2 R&D Agents and a few lvl 3 agents for Ishukone Corp. So a few days he ago spent some time in planning and now has 5 R&D Agents doing various Datacore Research. Most the new agents were with Ishukone Corp to start the required research fortunately. One other agent with the Gallente Corp CreoDron in High Energy Physics due to some difficulty in finding a suitable lvl 2 research agent. After a few days running missions for Ishkuone Corp raising corporate standing and now able to access lvl 3 R&D agents, needed to change most the R&D Agents again. All was fine until making changes to all the other Ishukone Corp R&D Agents until got to the last agent for the Gallente Corp CreoDron.

Unfortunately working at increasing standing with Caldari empire running missions for Ishkuone Corp though no mission was ever accepted against Gallente Federation damage was still being done to Gallente empire standing. Thus when Alothos warped in to the DreoDron station in Kador region to cancel recently started R&D research he was met with great hostility from his research agents that was only all too happy to see him not but a few days ago. Apparently now needed higher standing just to speak to agent. For unknown reason also couldn’t figure out how to cancel research at this agent who didn’t wish to speak to him. A few more quick attempts in the confusion to speak with the agent the universe just seemed to be acting all strange. Was like what the hell is going on. And not long after that it seems the entire universe suddenly went dark. Thought at the exact time was damn, the agent went mad and caused the blackout.

It seems that was the time that the CCP gods put out the lights on the entire universe due to the now famous internet denial of service attacks to their servers as of just over a day or so ago. You already know all about that and all its details so almost old news.

Much later on in time, light and stability from chaos returned to the universe. Again attempted to speak with mr hostile agent and seemed was now able to cancel research. Maybe missed something the first time trying to cancel research with a hostile agent or something changed after the fact i’m really not sure. But in haste to end R&D research now given the option ended up just canceling and not even remembering to redeem the RP points for what would have been just 9 Datacores for High Energy Physics. Only thought about that like 2 sec after abruptly ended the research with the agent. Was just glad to get out of his view let alone his station anyway and on way to visit a more friendly R&D Agent at Lai Dai Corp in Caldari space.

Invention research continues has again commenced back at the Ardent Scientific Research Lab and have now made some scientific advancement in inventing the first of Stealth Bombers. Recent invention research has now produced 3 Manticore Stealth Bomber blueprints. Well 3 out of 10 jobs more specifically. I guess I’m just glad that it’s not 0 out of 10, I would have been greatly disappointed. Some recent Copy Research facility work has completed and that has freed up an extra lab space to increase invention jobs to at least 6 dedicated facility slots. So commenced work on attempting to invent 6 more Manticore Stealth Bombers.

So far the research lab progress on inventing T2 ship blueprints has yielded 4 Anathema, 6 Buzzards and 3 Manticore’s. All to eventually be produced some point soon. Neural training in Advance Mass Production 4 will be complete in less than 5 hours at which point will have the increased capability to utilize a maximum of 10 manufacturing facilities for production needs. Thats a big change from having only just 5 just a few days ago.


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