Moving Along

Things just seem to be moving along though nothing all too exciting as compared to life as a pirate. Business throughout the trade network is growing and it seems if things just keep moving along will soon hit ten billion in ISK mark. I will probably get a bit excited about that. However competition seem to be everywhere as well which can and does affect profits.

Haven’t visited some of my R&D Agents for a while in more distant regions, so decided to spend some time making the rounds. After zip zapping across the galaxy collected somewhere about 650 Datacores. These Datacores will probably never never see the market since they will be consumed at the R&D Research Lab for Invention use. No change in R&D Agent Datacore research was also needed, so will probably be several weeks before visiting my R&D Agents again. Some agents more often than others probably. Getting back to the hanger I tallied up all the Datacores. I was a bit shocked to actually see that all together I had over 2300 of various amounts of Datacores for Invention use. That’s a lot of ISK.

Anyway the last week in R&D had some slight change to the normal plan at the Lab. My contract researcher completed ME Research on a set of Gallente and Minmatar component blueprints so I took return delivery of those after paying the contract bill. That completed my entire set of ME Researched T2 component blueprints. Made some changes at the Lab for next few days and completed the rest of the PE Research on the blueprints with more readily available facilities in system. That put off some amount of Invention work for a few days.

Sold the entire first test batch of Scourge Fury Missiles produced a few days ago which was 50K missiles in a non compete system after a few days. Made a profit and learned a few things in the process as always. All the Ballistic Control Systems II previously made all sold at their various locations except 8 in a backwater system in a distant region i’m exploring business potential. Most of the 3rd batch of 100+ Mining Drones II all sold at their various locations except about 20 or so that remain unsold in 2 different not too distant regions.

A good long time friend i communicate daily with needed some Scorch S, so made a full batch for him. After production made the contract and ended up giving him twice as much as he had asked for at the agreed price. He also accepted the contract before I immediately realized the mistake. But was ok with it since I covered my cost and being a good friend I was fine with it though he asked.

A corpmate also needed some Scorch L asked if I made them and if I could make him some. I had a few blueprints so got all the needed materials and made some needed components. Eventually placed some Scorch L in production for the corpmate’s order. With not much else in production at the time placed a few more full Scorch batches in production, ETF 14 days. Umm thats a while there. Somehow in all that process it really dawns on me how long it can take to produce different T2 items. But its all a learning process also.

One of the big problems was having was production capacity  with the ability to use just 5 Manufacturing lines. Made some changes in short-term training from advance sciences and decide to complete needed training for Mass Production 5 for increase ability to use more manufacturing facility’s. It was already tough to produce all the things needed for day to day needs and trade with just a few manufacturing lines. So purchased the text for Advance Mass Production (20 Million ISK) and started neural training. Should complete Advance Mass Production 4 in just a bit over 24 hrs. That will increase total manufacturing capacity to 10 production lines and make much difference in being able to produce more T1/ T2 items at a time as needed. In many ways it feels good to be able to Invent and produce Tech 2 items.


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