Small advancements in ship Inventions

So far Inventing T2 ships blueprints at the Ardent Scientific Research Lab hasn’t been all that successful as yet. I like to just keep it simple and humor my self about it that so far my luck inventing T2 ships blueprints haven’t been all that good though being well aware that there is an actual mechanic and formula at work.

With the timer complete wandered over to the Invention Research lab to see the recent results of some recent run of jobs at inventing some T2 Frigate blueprints. Had placed some 5 blueprint jobs with the required Datacores into the invention cycle just over 24 hrs before to attempt invention of some T2 Buzzard blueprints. Of the 5 completed jobs, 3 were successful each in producing a 1 run Buzzard blueprint copy (bpc).

I was really quite excited about that for another small step in successfully inventing another T2 ship blueprint especially considering all my previous failures so far. I’ve only once previously in all my attempts managed to successfully invent a 1 run Anathema bpc. So far for ship inventions to produce a blueprint copy using 4/4/4 skills I’m now 4/17.

After that previous batch of jobs were complete, input 5 more ship jobs into the Invention Research Lab cycle which took just over 24 hrs. Result was all the jobs failed to produce a Buzzard bpc. Dealing with failures is apart of life as an Inventor especially attempting to invent T2 ship blueprints. And so another 5 ship invention jobs went back into the Invention Research Lab to attempt to produce Buzzard bpc’s.

Can only hope for better results at the end of that cycle.



  • AD,

    I know how it goes, and I feel your pain.

    As a fellow inventor I too have had some recent setbacks with T2 ship invention.

    My last attempt just a few days ago was 10 jobs installed, with materials totaling just under 62 million ISK total. When the jobs were ready I anxiously, and with some nervousness since I’d done this before and failed miserably, delivered them.

    The results were less than satisfying; 1/10 success rate. The 9 failures were worth far more than the market value of the one success. So, there I was staring at this huge disparity between what I’d earned and what I’d invested.

    Saddened and frustrated, I did the only thing an inventor could do: Grabbed more materials and installed another 10 jobs.

    I’ve learned that success or failure in the world of invention isn’t determined by the results of X number of jobs, but instead by one’s willingness to do it all again even in the face of setback.

    M. Alexander

  • You’ll find invention in EvE is a little like a slot machine wired like a color blind electrician.

    Sometimes you’ll get absolutely nothing. Sometimes 5 out of 5. It does even out over a number of rotations though.

    btw that is with reasonably high skills too.

  • Invention i’m finding is quite a interesting career pursuit and does have its setbacks and successes. But setbacks it does have much like the roll of a dice. You just never quite know how it will end.

    I’ve taken the approach in which personally its more like doing something i’m enjoying for fun and pursuit as compared to treating invention like a job just to make extra ISK.

    This allow me to personally exercise more patience with my failures and any frustrations yet enjoy and celebrate each of the successes. Its quite easy to get frustrated with invention as failures does cost allot and it adds up over time even more.

    I guess anyone that does invention for a length of time realize to eventually become a good inventor and learn much your going to have to endure quite a bit of failures which if done enough will also have given you some successes. One just have to keep doing it.

    Invention can indeed be like a slot machine or a a dice roll, you just never know how the numbers will come up next. And i guess that can be a source fun and frustration.

  • I really enjoyed this blog post. I hope to get into T2 invention sometimes soon.

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