Scientific Advancements

Its been a bit busy managing Trade at various Inter-regional stations and busy times at Ardent Scientific Research Laboratory as well tinkering with Inventions and T2 production. So far have made steady progress with various invention jobs which has resulted in resulted in successfully producing a T2 blueprint copy or bpc. As well have had my share of Invention failures also.

At the moment scientific advancements has focused mainly on Invention of various ship equipment modules from the stockpile of bpc’s that the Copy Research Facility keeps churning out for Invention needs. Success at T2 ship invention jobs so far though only few in the beginning, haven’t resulted in much success as yet. But it’s still promising and I still have high hopes for the future as an Inventor. Thus I’ve spent some amount of time tinkering more with invention of ship equipment and modules vs ships at the moment to increase my base chances of successfully inventing something and feeling good about it.

Invention job attempts at inventing ship equipment modules progress or run much faster at just over and hour minimum to several hours vs ship invention jobs which can take at least 24 hrs on the smallest Frigate. That time increases in length of time the larger the ship for an invention job to several days.

So far steady progress using all lvl 4 skills in advance science on each and every Invention research job attempt.

Invention Job Attempts Total so far: 460

Invention Successes producing a T2 bpc: 229

Invention Failures: 231

Ship Invention Attempts: 12 ( 8 Heron’s, 1 Augoror (D), 3 Prophercy (D) ) D= Used a Decryptor.

Ship Invention Successes: 1 (Heron > Buzzard)

Invention Success %: 49.78

R&D & Invention cost so far: Several Hundred Million ISK 🙂

As of today decided to switch scientific work at the research lab and tinker around seeing if can invent a few T2 Frigate blueprints. Not too long ago also completed training on Frigate Construction V so at least can also build any Frigate Invented from a blueprint. So for now placed 5 Heron frigates bpc’s in the invention oven and will see what if anything comes out in the next 24 hrs. Can only hope my chances at inventing T2 ships have improved since last attempt.

From the T2 blueprint copies Invented, have produced several full batches of Mining Drones II (220), Ballistic Control System II (110), a batch of Scorch S (40) and a recently produced full batch of Scourge Fury Missiles (50K). Invention and producing T2 is quite a learning process and allot to learn. It’s also quite the competitive market trying to sell T2 equipment and modules on the market. However from the actual T2 equipment and modules I have produced from Invention, so far I was able to make a decent profit above all my invention and production cost in a very competitive T2 selling market.

So far all goes well making steady progress and research break through’s at Ardent Scientific Research Labs.


  • Congrats on the invents, and it is incredible how quickly the datacore costs can mount up!

    I tend to work on the basis of inventing one module until I have enough T2 BPC’s to make 1000 units, and then switch to another module. I do like to make ships and so intersperse the module invents with frigates and cruisers.

    I’d be interested to know how you get on with the T2 ammo, as I’ve found that the amount of time it takes to actually manufacture it renders the profit margin (which isn’t too bad) useless. For example, in the 5 days it takes to make 250k Null M in an ammo assembly array (7 days if you do it in station I think) you could have manufactured 100 units of 100MN Afterburner II – and I haven’t even tried to calculate the number of Hobgoblin II’s you could make in the same period.

    I did put up an ammo assembly array and actually spent a few weeks making T2 ammo, mainly because I wanted to make a bit of everything to do with T2 – however on closer inspection I just couldn’t justify tieing up the production slots when I looked at the potential profit per day.

    Good luck on the frigate invents though – I really enjoy making T2 frigates and Cruisers, there’s something much more satisfying seeing a packaged Helios or Guardian when you look at the 10 units of Warp Distuptor II that you’ve just delivered sitting beside it.

    • Eve Scientist,

      Having just read through your reply, I feel I must thank (?) you and ask for more information if you’re willing.

      You mentioned that production time on T2 ammunition is so great that it nearly renders void the potential value of the final product, when compared to what else you could have produced using the slots in the same amount of time.

      I find that information a bit disheartening, as I’ve been investing a great deal of time and money into starting up my own T2 ammunition production chain. I’ve read on several other websites that it’s an ideal choice due in large part to the quantity of the product that changes hands each day.

      If what you say is true however, I’ve potentially wasted a great deal of time (The ISK can be made back, time cannot) and seemingly all for not.

      Would you care to elaborate a bit on the particulars of T2 ammunition production times in contrast to other items? Some examples, beyond the Afterburner one you gave, would be most useful (Of course, I don’t expect you to divulge exactly what you are making) in helping me decide whether or not to continue with the path I’m on or change directions.

      Thanks, in advance.

      M. Alexander

    • Yeah the Datacore’s cost does add up quite allot,as well burn thru them just as fast as well i notice.

      I guess they are various ways to go about Inventing each for their own reasons individually. I can see the way you can go about say inventing say 500-1000 modules then switch to another item. You can mass invent and produce allot of modules as a result for market or however one chooses to utilize the market in the end to sell them.

      I’ve kinda chosen at this time and for various reasons to invent a smaller quantity of modules some for personal inventory but of a greater variety to also spread my exposure around to different modules to not be at risk from a oversupply on the market of any one kind. I guess a person can choose to go different ways each for their own reasons in the end but all work all the same. I’m still learning as i go.

      So far i’ve invented several T2 BPC’s for ammo and mostly just missiles since its the most complete collection of BPO’s i had and still have. However at this point I haven’t as yet made much actual T2 ammo from the invented T2 prints. I’ve only made 1 complete T2 bpc batch of ammo (50K) consuming the entire bpc at this point and placed on the market to check and test how well they sell.

      I’ve sold roughly about half the amount selling slowly checking their sale in a non-compete and saturated location. And I guess from your question what i can judge so far is that ammo does take quite a while to produce but how much more it really takes compared to producing other modules for profitability i’m not exactly sure since i’ve only made just 1 full batch of ammo so far.

      However i do understand the question i think you asked which I believe to be based on the profitably of T2 ammo and some ammo does have seemingly declining profits due to oversupply in my region.

      How profitable it is to make T2 ammo which can takes 3-5 days vs say producing X modules instead in the same period of time or less for greater profitability. I believe that was the question as i understand it and that can be a good question to anything one produces from Invention in a period of time. For me i’m not sure i’ve made & sold enough T2 things produced that i myself can really answer that as yet.

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