Clear Skies and Clear Skies 3

Updated: CS3 Movie
Just have been a bit busy at doing a lot of stuff in EVE and been trying to get around to posting on the blog. I though I would get some quiet time to make a post earlier today when the EVE servers went down for the extended patch for Incursion 1.6. Instead I made the detour to cruise a few of the EVE forum sections a bit for just trying to keep up on general stuff and info and came across a fairly new thread about Clear Skies 3 a movie and the recent just released version of it days ago.

I had not the slightest of idea what exactly Clear Skies was or what it was about. But judging a bit from reading, it seemed like some movies series made by a player set in EVE. Seemed like quite many people liked the previous ones as well judging from all the reading through the forum threads.

I decided since EVE servers were down well maybe I should check out watching the Clear Skies series to catch up on what I must have been missing. I ended up at YouTube and started watching the entire series episodes for Clear Skies 1 & 2. Needless to say I really had a lot of fun and laughs watching all the episodes and how well they were made and put together in script and scenes. I was really impressed as the first 2 series were really great! Also couldn’t wait to get to each of the next episodes watching them. They were really awesome! Kept wondering how come have never heard of the series as well. But anyway was watching them now.

Truth be as well, I had more fun watching Clear Skies 1 & 2 so far compared to watching any of CCP actually professionally released game movies about the game. I just though it was that good in my opinion and with a great story. So now I’m caught up a bit somewhat and most eagerly waiting to watch Clear Skies 3 which was just days ago released. I’m sure many of you have already seen it as well, yet I’m sure many have never heard of it either. But at the moment I’m killing my internet at the moment trying to download it all with much eagerness to watch the new series episodes. I can only bet its just awesome to see and can’t wait to see what happens next. If you’ve never seen Clear Skies you might just want to go check it out. It’s just Epic Awesomeness. At the moment patiently breaking my Internet to patiently download Clear Skies 3….

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Update: Took a lot of hours downloading the CS3 movie and still plenty to go on download. Finally found a newly uploaded version on YouTube and was able to watch the entire movie. It was really worth the wait to see as it turned out to be as awesome a movie as expected. Can only hope we get to see a CS4 sometime.


  • I loved Clear Skies 3 so I hope you’ve managed watch it by now. There are some classic moments in it as I’m sure you’ll see 🙂

  • After waiting hours to download the CS3 movie and it was still downloading as of a few hrs ago. Managed to get to watch the entire hour plus of the new movie on a recently uploaded file on Youtube in the wee hour of the morning and enjoyed every second of it and still wanted more when it reached the end. I’ve actually enjoyed watching the whole thing much more than i’ve even enjoyed watching some hollywood movies at the theater.

    Indeed there are some very classic moments all though out the movie and through out the entire series and some the most classic lines and phrases i have ever heard repeated.

    I just hope more CS can be made.

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