Best Billion ISK I ever made

Some capsuleer bought a regular missile blueprint on the market and in the process I made 1.2 Billion ISK in the sale transaction. Yeah I was quite a bit tickled as well when I saw it in my wallet log mulling over the previous night sales. At first I was a bit dumfounded about it. How the hell did that happen. Especially when nothing I’m selling even cost over 100 Million ISK at most.

Well that certainly was my biggest one time sale ever! Not only that my biggest one day total sale ever as well. Certainly my wallet was bulging a bit after that. After getting over being tickled about the sale transaction i certainly knew exactly what had happened.

Someone else market price scam had backfired in a way so to speak and instead when the transaction occurred my item was sold, and I also received the higher selected purchase price. I’ve heard of things like this happening before often understanding how it happens. I’ve had it happen on much smaller transaction sale but nothing involving that many zero’s. I could only guess maybe the capsuleer was a bit drunk maybe or just often not paying attention while station shopping.

What apparently did happen was in the station I was selling some blueprints another capsuleer had some time back spiked the cost astronomically to well over a billion ISK on the same print on the market and just let the order stay there till it expire. I had seen their sell order and just usually ignore it knowing why it’s there. You can see it often on all kind of goods across any region. What would normally happen is if the station completely sold out of almost all the blueprints/item and only the very last one remained at the high price listing in this particular case over a billion ISK then it has some slim chance “maybe” someone gets desperate and buys it. Can be any market item at almost any location. Easy enough to understand.

What happens when other items of similar listing is being sold at the very same station and someone comes along often not paying attention and click on any higher prices item with cheaper listed items in the same station? Then the transaction occurs where the cheapest item in the same station get sold automatically on the market but at the higher price you initially selected to buy it at. Happens all the time and if you sell enough stuff and check sales carefully in wallet log you see the differences often enough. Certainly glad the capsuleer had enough ISK in their wallet to cushion the purchase on a mistake purchase of over a billion ISK.

So in this case someone came along and instead of paying 1-2 Million ISK for any of the more than half a dozen normally priced cheaper sell orders for a blueprint item at the station, instead for whatever reason selected the highest price blueprint in the entire station for well over 1.2 Billion ISK. That triggered a sale on one my items and made me quite happy for the best billion ever made. If my sell order wasn’t there it would have being someone else order and instead they would have gotten the benefit of the sales transaction.

If your drunk while playing EVE, it may also not be the best idea for your wallet to also decide to go shopping at your nearest station hub, you could lose a good chunk of it to market traders.

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