EVE Online: My first year space odyssey

Where I've been for my first year in EVE

Just past that point a few days ago. As it was just over a year ago on April 23rd 2010 my character Ametius started playing EVE for the very first time on a trial account. At this point last year I looking for a more Interesting MMO game to play, maybe something a bit different, something with depth and something quite interesting to pickup and learn to play. Maybe a game I could get lost in learning how to play. And though I had always somehow kept seeing and reading about EVE Online as a new game to try out I had always kept putting it off somehow. So a year ago I finally decided to give it a go.

This is probably the longest blog post I’ve tried to write. For over a week now that I just couldn’t decide what to write for this post and even when I did write I kept deleting and re-writing the post. When I wrote I  was still at odds what to write about. And the longer I’m stuck trying to figure out how or what to write the further I get behind in everything else and the more time it consumes. Even this post has drastically been reduced. Sometimes just hard to decide what to write. So at this point I just want to get the post over with I guess.

But I’d heard about EVE Online for years and never gave it a look, yet I had no clue what it was really about either. I remember reading about EVE Online launch way back in 2003 on some game sites back then and just never quite understood the game and instead decided to play another online game. It just wasn’t my time to play EVE and never understood the game back then. So one year ago I decided it was finally time to give the game a decent shot and not just a whirl. After three days playing on trial account I knew It was my kind of game. I learned enough of something and found the game quite interesting with allot to learn and all kind of things to learn about and do. EVE to me is what you make of the choices you have and the life you wish to live in New Eden.

I was also struck and drawn in by the beauty of the game and all ships and objects in space. Yeah many the ships in EVE do look quite odd to me but I was drawn in by the beauty of the game as well as the opportunity to choose your own path in career. In time I found other things of interest beyond the beauty of space. But it didn’t take long to decide to make a new life in New Eden as a capsuleer. And I guess I haven’t regretted it as one year later I’m still playing, learning, having fun and continuing my journey as it continue to evolve in EVE Online. I’ve found many things in the game over time interesting to do or for a career. To me EVE is a journey and how you live the life and progress on the path of that journey in the huge universe that is EVE. So many new players never make it pass their first week on trial in EVE or their first month let alone make it pass their first year. The great myth is that EVE is not that hard to learn, it take time & patience and it does take effort to learn vs been spoon fed all the answers easily.

With just passing 1 year of playing EVE this also makes my 775 blog post about playing MMO games. 80 of those blog post were about EVE Online in the last year. Some weeks I blog more often than others. But I guess I should blog more. But I guess if your busy playing the game its hard to be just as busy writing about it. As well I don’t really consider myself a EVE blogger, as I think of myself as a MMO gamer that happens to play EVE the most. Yet it’s also nice to have been accepted into the EVE Community as a one of the more junior members of The EVE Blog Pack. I just usually blog about whatever game I’m playing and EVE Online is the game I played the most in the last year. It’s just one of two MMO games I happen to be playing.

I’ve thought about what to maybe write about but i just couldn’t really decide as really writing a perspective on one’s experience and thoughts of one year in EVE is not as easy as it seems to write about and quite time-consuming. How one measure ones progress in EVE can seem to have a few answers from my perspective in Skill Points trained, assets acquired and probably all the things you learn over that time doing things which is allot and invaluable to learn. So maybe a snapshot.

Skill Points

Corporation Management – 3 skills: 8750

Drones – 15 skills: 199795

Electronics – 16 skills: 1288798

Engineering – 14 skills: 504849

Gunnery – 13 skills: 1106510

Industry – 16 skills: 1633680

Leadership – 6 skills: 3915

Mechanic – 21 skills: 1171824

Missile Launcher Operation – 12 skills: 213255

Navigation – 7 skills: 213422

Planet Management – 5 skills: 732080

Science – 33 skills: 4972163

Social – 8 skills: 664295

Spaceship Command – 18 skills: 3041339

Trade – 12 skills: 1114555

Total Skill Points after exactly 1 year – 199 skills: 17869230

How much ISK spent on learning all those skills? Have not the slightest exact idea, but I know it’s a heck of a lot of ISK in training skills. like several hundred million ISK if not close to a Billion ISK just about invested in subliminal skill training continuously for a year.

I fly mostly Amarr/Caldari ships. Though I can fly more Amarrian ships than Caldari. Biggest ship can fly being a Amarr Battleship. Though the ship I enjoy flying the most is my tiny Covert Ops Buzzard as a high-speed shuttle. For my trader alt he can fly Industrials, Caldari Transport ship (Crane) and a Freighter which he owns.

My first player Corp in EVE was a small corp which changed names three times in the three months or so I was a member. About half of the corp back then were newbies including myself and the other half including the CEO did missions, and high-sec pirating. Somehow we used to get wardec every week almost for some reasons I never used to understand. Over time most the new members quit EVE slowly and eventually over time the CEO played less and less. Eventually barely anyone was left active in the corp and corp fell apart. I learned allot in that whole process. And so I moved on to finding my 2nd player Corp. I found a much better player Corp and so have been a member of my present Corp for the last eight plus months. Out of being in my first Corp I guess found what eventually became one my best friends in EVE as we remained friends though we are in different Corps. Through it all I realize finding a good player Corp is really important.

In short my career occupation in EVE is pretty much as a Trader making most my ISK from market activities. However also do Industrial Production, Planetary Interaction, Research, Invention and T2 Production. I do find Exploration an interesting activity as well. Once in a while I visit a mission agent to keep working at lowering my brokerage taxes. It sometime feel odd as a EVE blogger where the vast majority of EVE bloggers are pirates of one form or another or wormhole pirates.

After a year in New Eden the game is still quite fun, with so much to learn and yet so much to still do. I never though when I started in EVE that I would be here a year later. If I knew what I knew now years back, I would have picked up the game years earlier. It’s also not as hard as most new players think the game is to learn. I guess that’s a myth. It’s a shame so many new players quit the game in their first month without having the patience to really try to learn the game and the various ways they can choose to play it.


  • Olafur Palsson

    And no stoppig! Yours is the only eve blog I’m bothered to read, somehow war stories don’t appeal to me. Grats on the first year, many more to come!

  • Agreed, loving this blog, looking forward to seeing where you’ll end up a year from now.

  • Kind of interesting. But a lot of spelling mistakes makes it hard to read, sorry!

  • When reading your skill alottment I realized that you play a lot like I do! I love reading about the drama and war, but when I play I tend to set up colonies, play market pvp in Jita, and manufacture! haha I love your blog!

    I’m looking for a home closer to 0.0 to see if my playstyle can integrate at all with the pewpewers.

    Fly safe! 07

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