Ahoy Datacores

As the process of Invention rolls along I seemed to be consuming a lot of datacores in the process, whether the Invention attempt succeeds or fails they get consumed allot. More specifically was consuming a lot of Rocket Science and Electronic Engineering datacores for various invention jobs. One of my Research Agent currently commissioned to do Rocket Science datacore research wasn’t to far away. So quickly flew over to the system and picked up a good remaining supply of Rocket Science datacores. However none of my other Research Agents was currently engaged in Electronic Engineering research for datacores so had to acquire them by other means.

Checked the regional market and only a few Electronic Engineering datacores was on the market some 4 jumps away. So stargate jumped thru a few systems in the other direction to buy a few the datacores for a few immediate Invention jobs. Needed to head to Jita for some other reason so figure I could buy allot more Electronic Engineering datacores there also. Bought a bit more datacores in Jita for the trip back home for Invention use. On my way back to home region I figure maybe I should check Caldari space for the same datacores. I found some on the Caldari market not to far away and much cheaper than in Jita so bought allot more.

Running a lot of Invention jobs by next day I was already almost out of Electronic Engineering datacores again as jobs lasted just over an hours length in time. With barely any of the needed datacores left in region I headed off to Amarr. Barely any of the datacores was on the market in Amarr and the ones there were at a much higher price on what seem like an old sell order. These datacores must be fairly popular. So I decided to head back to Caldari regional space to system where I bought some datacores the previous day. All the low-priced datacores I saw the day before were all gone but even the ones I now saw at higher price were at what I consider a good price. I didn’t need as much the datacores as was on the market in the system. But I proceeded to buy out the entire system anyway of the Electronic Engineering datacores that I needed, about 41 million ISK worth of datacores. Crammed as much the datacores I could fit into my tiny Covert Ops frigate ship and headed home. Would have to come back and pickup the rest of the datacores sometime later.

Heading home passing through Domain region and just a few jumps from Amarr I decided to check the market for some my other orders on the market and curiously check the price of the Electronic datacores on the market . There was now almost no datacores on the market in Amarr. I though for a quick few seconds in mid warp to stargate. I changed navigation at next gate and headed straight to Amarr and placed all the datacores I had just bought on the market in Caldari space at a bit higher price in Amarr. I’m still a trader when it comes to making ISK. Then I headed back to Caldari space to pick up the rest of the remaining datacores. A few short hours later someone bought out all the datacores in Amarr and netted me about 24 million ISK in profit. Not bad. I had just gotten in the opportunity window on the market in Amarr before a capsuleer later dropped several thousand of the Electronic datacores on sell order and then several a few other capsuleers dropped several hundred datacores each sinking the price way down. A few hours to later would have completely missed that trade opportunity.

Apparently I didn’t have enough Electronic Engineering datacores from the remaining few that I had kept and a few days later needed to buy some more. I figure I better invest and buy allot more as i keep running out of the Electronic datacores. So on my route to Jita I found a system just off my route and placed a system wide order for about 250 of the datacores I needed on buy order. Eventually got that order filled just short of a day later and cost me about 45 million ISK or so for the datacores.

In between getting that order filled In Caldari space I  was thinking where else can I maybe get a supply of the datacores besides having to go to Jita and fight on buyorder to get it filled. Then I remembered one of my favorite WH dweller friend Penny that writes an awesome blog over at Tiger Ears. I remembered through extensive reading of Penny’s blog that she had some R&D Agents in empire space doing datacore research. Also remembered from a long time back that she had an Agent doing Electronic Engineering research and wasn’t sure what else. Amazing sometime what you can remember reading. But since she lived in WH space i figure maybe she wasn’t using the datacores much for research like Invention whenever she collected them other than to sell on the market. So I sent a communication inquiring if she had the type of Electronic datacores and any other kind. And when she did pick them up in empire space if she didn’t mind selling them to be vs just selling them to the market.

I got a fairly quick communication back from my WH space friend that she did have the needed datacores and lots of them and a lot more of 2 other kinds. She asked if I could use the others as well. And fortunately enough it appeared that Penny was also headed to empire space from WH space  as well and could make the trip to visit her agent for the datacores. I really had no idea how much datacores she had to collect. But I agreed I’ll be willing to buy all the datacores she had at a fair price so she can soon be back on her way to WH space. I did some price checking, we quickly communicated and agreed on a price and for the datacores and for entire stock of datacores. It was allot!

So Penny contracted the datacores to me at the agreed price for the entire lot. Luckily I had some cushion in my trading wallet as I accepted a huge contract for 316.29 million ISK in datacores from my WH space friend. That contract put a good dent in my ISK cushion but it was for a good need. Even better only had to make about 4 stargate jumps to go pick up the contracted items. The contract allowed me to pick up 462 Electronic Engineering datacores, 906 Mechanical Engineering datacores and 334 Caldari Starship Engineering datacores. I’ll be able to use them all soon eventually. Seems I’m now swimming in datacores. Hopefully they will last a while for Invention needs as thats a lot of ISK invested in just a few kinds of datacores.



  • Now you see why I live on the razor’s edge of pure trade! Though I’ve been thinking of getting back to invention again.

  • You caught me at a good time, it gave me the motivation to collect them all. I look forwards to seeing what you make with all those cores now.

    • Was quite glad that i did catch you at a good time and that it all worked out. Currently running invention jobs a few slots and at the moment building up T2 prints to soon make tool up and manufacture.

  • I have been having a nightmare trying to set buy orders in Jita. About 4 bots continually over-bid me for Caldari Starship Datacores by 0.01 ISK 😦

    • I’m not sure if they are all indeed bots that constantly overbid you that fast in Jita on your buy orders. There are Jita station traders that can constantly update their orders that fast though almost all day long in market pvp.

      There are also other places you can also try to buy datacores besides Jita. R&D Agents are also not in Jita. So you can try and shop in Caldari space for Caldari Starship Datacores or put up a system buy order there in a system with the specific R&D Agent of the datacores. It may take a few days but its a alternative to trying to fight everyone else bidding in Jita.

  • I’ve just started to do this with another item. Instead of engaging the trade PvP in Jita, I’m travelling to other regions.

    What maked me think that these are bots in Jita is that there were 4 of them and the always updated all 4 orders together just above mine.

    I then went through different quantities. reducing each time till I got to 10 units and then the buy orders stop beating mine.

    I then set 10 buy orders of 10 units each and the bots never outbid me. Until another pilot came along and put a different manual buy order at a higher price than mine (more than 0.01 ISK(

    • man, my typing isn’t very good today!

      Anyway. After the other person set their buy order above mine, the 4 bots all set a price 0.01 ISK above the new persons buy order.

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