Rolling the Invention wheel

I’ve never played Roulette much, but playing with Invention sure somewhat feels like it every time I submit an invention job and guessing the outcome. So far I’ve just been having some fun submitting Invention jobs 2 at a time since that’s all the available research slot I have available and anticipating the outcome. And so far things are going ok as I get some successes and build up a stash of T2 bpc’s for later manufacturing.

At the moment I can only do Amarr and Caldari based Inventions since have lvl 4 in Encryption Methods for both. And only attempting Inventions on select bpc’s I already have lvl 4 in both Sciences as required on the blueprints for Invention. So skills at 4/4/4 for any and all invention attempts.

I’ve been slowly copying many of my original blueprints to make copies or bpc’s for Invention use and as they roll out of the Copying Research Facility I have more choices of blueprints to attempt Invention jobs. One of the first set of blueprints I had copied and as an entire set was my missile blueprints. That gave me a fairly good initial set of blueprints coming out the Copying Facility to use for Invention attempts. I had the relevant skills already so decided to make a go at Inventing T2 Missiles.

Already had a few Datacores on hand from last time I visited my R&D Research Agents so was no need to attempt to go collect any from agent. However I did pick up a few Meta 2 versions of the some of the missiles the Caldari Navy version to use as extra base item in the invention job for the missiles. Invention facility was readily available and most jobs just took about an hour and fifteen minutes or so. So over course of few days I submitted various jobs for inventions and burn thru some of my blueprint copies.

So far I’ve attempted a total of 90 Invention jobs in total. Each job consuming 2 Datacores each, the blueprint copy, and any base item used. For the missile invention jobs 1 Caldari Navy missile version or Meta 2 of the blueprint was used as an extra base item. They were cheap enough I bought a few of each kind if they had some extra chance of success for using them. Didn’t use any Decryptor’s for any of the Invention jobs as no need to. Of the 90 Inventions jobs submitted so far 47 of them were successful each producing a T2 BPC with 10 runs.

Of the 90 total Invention jobs rolled playing Invention roulette, 59 were missile jobs of which 35 were successful producing a T2 10 run bpc. Did 29 Invention jobs on various size Frequency Laser Crystals modules (ammunition) of which only 12 were successful producing a T2 10 run bpc. 2 Invention jobs on a Heron frigate to Invent a T2 ship both failed.

So far its been kinda exciting anticipating on Invention job completion just how the invention dice will roll. And enjoying things so far just building up a small stack of prints as haven’t done enough Invention jobs as yet to become cynical of the whole process.


  • Best of luck with future invention!

    Always interesting following your posts 🙂

  • Thanks, i’m slowly working at it.

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