Long road to becoming a T2 Inventor

It was about a year ago exactly when I started gathering interest to possibly playing EVE Online while playing other MMO games. I was looking for something more challenging, in-depth and complicated to wrap my mind around. Being a blogger playing other popular MMO games the quickest thing I knew to do was to find some EVE blogs and just randomly read them all. Even so much as to read them backwards in post till I found something interesting to read about and then go back more and read their blog post forward to understand things better. You can learn allot reading other players blogs if you write a game blog. Realize many players start to play games out of curiosity just because you also write whatever you write about. I got curious about some aspects of exploration and Invention.

Among all the things to find curious reading about EVE on blogs one of my huge curiosity was reading blogs about Science & Industry in EVE Online and more specifically the mysterious profession of Invention. Of all the blogs I’ve ever some across or even read about in EVE even today the vast majority are centered around Pirating, PvP, Politics or all those three wrapped up in one or about WH’s. Very few blog you come across about Trade & Market, R&D/Invention or small mention of it. And I can only guess for many the people trying to look or read inward about EVE they see more about Pirating and PvP vs other Industries in EVE. Maybe its just not all that fun to write about the other activities in EVE but who knows.

In real life I’m an all around science geek even though I tend to like science of elements, atomic and cosmic space related things. What can I say I excelled at sciences and was easy to understand in my mind. So of all the things and reasons other people usually get attracted to EVE mostly for PvP and big shiny ships, I already had somewhat an inner interest and curiosity in things I found interesting or curious about life in EVE. And one was reading about Invention on several other EVE blogs (Letrange’s) I stumbled across from links and just read all at random somewhat checking out the game from other players point of view or perspective. And much a deciding factor in getting various perspective in starting to play.

In the time starting to play EVE since have tried doing other things of interest as well that I wasn’t aware of but also found fun and interesting to engaging in like Trading, Exploration, Salvaging, R&D & Invention. Yet always deciding to get around to working at Invention and T2 Manufacturing maybe. It’s also no secret that the road to Invention and T2 manufacturing is filled with learning a lot of science skills to what seem no end. Allot of time and patience invested to eventually learn the various skills depending how deep one goes into Invention & T2 Manufacturing or Reverse Engineering. As much as I do enjoy Trading activities, I actually do also enjoy various aspects of R&D Invention and hopefully someday getting into T2 Manufacturing.

From the very beginning of life in EVE I sought out, found and started working for one of the few R&D corps in Amarr regional space Carthum Conglomerate and Viziam Inc to develop good working relations for future R&D efforts. As well invested a lot of time in learning various needed science skills to effectively use Research Agents for the R&D corps I worked for. Mostly to acquire and accumulate Research Points to purchase Datacores of various types from Research Agents. However much a balancing act in needing to train science skills for R&D efforts and training ship piloting and combat skills to survive in space and able to do various other things as options. Not to mention Trade skills for my daily market activities.

Learning skills seem to go in cycles for me learning various types as needed. But eventually got back to learning needed skills to engage in Invention activities and T2 manufacturing and so started another round of training skills necessary for the task. Eventually learned Amarr Encryption and Caldari Encryption skills to lvl 4 both first. Though having learned Gallente Encryption and Minmatar Encryption skills to first few levels it still will take some time to get them both to lvl 4 inbetween training other skills. In EVE it takes time to learn allot of things and patience is much required.

However did decide to focus first on just Amarr and Caldari Invention skills since also can fly some limited amount of ships from both named empires. With that have also had to train several other science skills to at least lvl 4 to also be able to have a greater chance of success at Invention efforts. Often I find it a juggling act balancing the need to learn science skills for R&D and ship pilot & combat skills to survive. Thus learning some skills in cycles over time going back and forth.

Over time acquired many of my own BPO’s and though it’s not easy or all to efficient by any means through some degree of patience did manage to do some amount of ME/PE research in high sec empire space via long-range planning of facility use. Having Advance Laboratory Operations 4 was able to use 10 research slots and planned facility use though mostly just did ME/PE research only for Industry Manufacturing. My main day to day activities being mostly Trading and Market activities and some small amount of manufacturing to supplement my local region needs and so was able to make some amount of profit from activities. That allowed me to make some choices in contracting BPO’s I purchased out for short-term research on paid contracts to other capsuleer since wasn’t feasible to do it in high sec research facility. Have worked out quite ok and was small steps along the way in R&D efforts.

But over time I acquired enough of a collection of ME/PE researched BPO’s to work with for my own efforts. A few days ago bought a contract on Bid Auction, a multiple pack of very well ME/PE researched BPO’s. Actually over researched by my own standard judgement for 160 Million ISK. An assortment of 52 BPO’s many that I would have collected to eventually use and some very good ones also. I estimated that the NPC cost of the overall original BPO collection was about around 175 Million ISK. And since it only cost me 160 Million ISK I consider it a good deal and minor investment in assets when the fact is that all the BPO’s bought were over researched to the tune of 300 ME/ 100 PE. So in essence I bought a collection of BPO’s under NPC value and already ME/PE researched (over researched) that I can use for Industry Manufacturing efforts if choose to. However will very much use them for Copying and Invention and good to have a few more blueprint assets to use.

Some weeks back I had my first attempts at Invention just to try it for the first time finally. I’ve been training and waiting a while. I really didn’t have that many extra BPC copies of BPO to use so I used up a few BPC of some ships I had to not a great degree of success. But I at least tried it for the first time and learned a lot of things in the process. Everything is EVE is a learning experience that can help you learn other things needed in the process. And I learned I needed to have BPC copies if to do more Invention attempts. So invention progress stalled for a while. Eventually was able to finally finish some BPO’s I had in ME Research for Industry Manufacturing. Then switch all 10 of research slots over to Copying of  some my BPC’s for Invention. Finding available Copying research facility in high sec is almost as bad as trying to find ME/PE Research facility. But despite the challenge I started copying all of entire collection of Missile & Torpedo Missile BPO’s that I also had previously ME/PE researched for Industry Manufacturing.

With some planning I was able to get some of my missile ammo BPO’s into a high sec Copying Facility and cycle them through to have a good collection to use for Invention efforts. As well the idea came to me to also put my main Trader alt to some other use in learning some R&D with Research 5, Laboratory Operations 5, Advance Laboratory Operations 4. With that 10 extra available slots to have some more BPO Copying ability. This freed up a few of the research slots on my main character that was all tied down with Copying of BPO’s to finally start doing a few Inventions.

For now I’ve decided to try to stick with Amarr and Caldari based Inventions and Invention requiring skills I also already have at least lvl 4 science training already.  Thus make things easier for a start at playing Invention roulette. Finding available Invention facilities in high sec wasn’t as hard as trying to find available ME/PE, Copying or to lesser degree some Manufacturing facility slots. So with that I decided to start with using up any extra bpc’s I had in my hanger and my collection of missile bpc’s that I had already made numerous copies of from my own bpo collection for Invention use.

So over last few days its been fun playing rolling the Invention roulette wheel with 28/47 successful invention attempts at inventing various T2 Heavy & Cruise Missiles.

One thing I also learned in the process having invented several 10 run T2 Heavy Missile BPC’s was that 1 batch run from the BPC produces 5000 missiles. Always something new you learn doing stuff in EVE that you didn’t know before or just going about things.

This long road to Invention through all its various twist and turns progressing through several different initial fun career paths though it remained a dim light of a goal from the very day I started as a capsuleer in Eden has taken me almost a year to really arrive at. Vast majority of players new to EVE that start quit in their first month if not quit on trial account. It certainly won’t take you a year to become an Inventor if its your goal or if your just starting EVE. Nor will it take you that long if your already living the life as a capsuler. I guess I didn’t exactly set the precision goal when I started as a capsuleer to just start/train and zoom all the way to Invention like a precision guided missile to to get there fast.

I was able to try various careers, build up some asset and ISK and pay for all the expensive training along the way while working at different things.  Eventually and naturally progressing through doing all those things and doing things I enjoyed to eventually arrive at a goal I had in back of my mind the very day I started as a capsuleer.

I guess I can say I’m now an Inventor, soon to be T2 Manufacturer even if I’m also just a small time Inventor playing with ammunitions. Road to being able to invent lots of other things is still a long road for me to travel. But it’s just a start at another career option as a capsuleer in the New Eden. I guess if anything it’ll just add to my Trading career.

7 thoughts on “Long road to becoming a T2 Inventor

  1. Then take it one step further and learn to build the components to make your own T2 missiles, i.e. don’t buy the components of the market. That will increase your profitability and get you in a good place to understand the various ebbs and flows in the sub-component markets for other T2 articles.


  2. Yeah agree! One the things I acquired along the way a while back was initially just a few Caldari T2 ship component bpo’s and had them researched. Eventually I acquired a full set of Caldari T2 ship component bpo’s and got them all ME/PE Researched. A week or so back someone was selling a full Amarr T2 ship component bpo pack on contracts at just the required ME/PE level and not over researched as wasn’t needed and was at what seemed a fair price being aware. So I invested and bought the set of Amarr T2 ship component bpo’s to go with my Caldari T2 set for Invention use.

    A good investment I believe it was. Even sold a few of some the components I made on the local regional market for some profit, even though overall so far I find the components don’t seem sell all that often. I can speculate why being the vast majority of core inventors make their own also. But some people buy some of them so still some income from having the skill trained to make them in local region as well as for most other future Invention use.

    Already speculated I might need to also make some my own R.A.M components also.

    So far all a learning process, learning about one thing quickly leads to learning something else.


    1. Thank Random Guy!

      Have being working on the blog post for last 6 hours and changing the post topic as well. Was still working at re-editing some of it even up to just now when I posted the post and you posted.

      I don’t claim in any way to be perfect at English skills or as a writer and no where close to being a professional one. I do however try my best to at least edit what I write if I can catch it. And re-read what I write to edit it even after posting. Many other will catch something and if its not too much hassle I’m fine to try and correct a mistake or make it easily readable.

      I’ll be the first to boldly admit I never liked English in school, that still stands! However writing my own blog does help me to get better at it 🙂


  3. Not a topic you read a whole lot about indeed, I think more because traders and business people try to keep their secrets close to heart rather than it being a dull subject.

    This was one of the things I originally wanted to do on my main character, I’m a “trade skill” enthusiast in other games and in EVE it can be a whole lifestyle. Alas those plans changed, but these days I have my alt breathing new life into them.


    1. I agree, not a topic you read about much around the EVE community or for that matter many things related to anything business or trade. Sometimes it can seem dull to talk or write about also. But for allot of obvious reasons many business capsuleers wouldn’t want to risk giving away their trade secrets that they worked hard to profit from or have their business affected by talking about it and everyone else aware of it. Can be tricky at best given the nature of EVE.

      Its also been one the reasons sometime I find it tricky in determining what to post about or just not post that often because it can also seem dull to talk about trade or business stuff.

      Yet i’m also at ease much the time to talk about things. New players or those not aware benefit learning thing reading other players perspective or experience. As well i learn things just writing about it and engaging some of the community members. So it goes both ways. I’m reminded that much my initial interest in EVE came from reading about players doing various things in EVE that seemed interesting in the beginning.

      Yeah Trade can be a lifestyle of its own, so too Advance Industry or both combined.


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