EVE Q4 2010 Quarterly Economic Report out

The latest EVE Quarterly Economic Report (QEN) from last quarter 2010 is now out and available to read or download whichever you prefer. Lots of interesting information to read or flip thru.

I’m sure if you also play the market you also find it interesting to see and read about whats been impacting or driving the economic engine of EVE or what information you can find to take advantage of if possible. Also good to see whats been helping to drive up the price of Nocxium. Planetary Vehicles were valuable? Who knew but the market elites already. You can learn allot reading the QEN and quite interesting to read. Anyway the report is out, download it and read it for your educational and awareness pleasure as a capsuleer.

EVE Q4 2010 Quarterly Economic Report

A bit surprised that one the most overall researched BPO and the 2nd most Material Efficiency (ME) researched BPO at that is Nanite Repair Paste at 1.3 million ME researched runs. It’s absolutely funny because that BPO is perfect at ME 0, meaning you buy it perfect and don’t need any ME research at all. Meaning all those runs was an absolute waste of  time and more important facility research space. Yet it was the 2nd most ME researched BPO overall. Absolutely Amazing! It’s just my guess that BPO ME over research is #1 reason why all high sec ME Research Facility almost everywhere is all clogged up, used up and never seemingly available.

Scourge Heavy Missiles is most use Ammo and most researched BPO as well. Somewhat not surprised! Those missiles sell like hotcakes to probably all the Drake ship flyers I must presume.

Really a lot of good interesting information in the QEN.



  • one word on Nocx spike….Supercarriers.

  • Thanks Manasi, good to hear from someone else in the know on that, had no idea why it was going up and kept going. Just knew it was up allot.

  • There’s a firm belief in Eve that you can make megabucks by reacting fast to patch changes.

    That’s increasingly becoming untrue as EVERYONE does it.

    For example, cranking out Noctis the first couple of days – by day 3 it wasn’t worth making with Buy It Now minerals.

    • Serpentine Logic

      The next-level thinkers had already calculated the mineral requirements of the Noctis and stockpiled accordingly, weeks before the patch was released…

    • Yeah reacting to patch changes when everyone does it may not quite work out unless you really prep and prepare way before everyone else does. I remember the Noctis made some money on the selling several of the new Noctis just to cover the BPO asset cost. However lost a bit on making the Medium Salvage Tackles. Initially made ISK when almost no one was making them loss when everyone showed up and totally sank the market to the botton.

      Despite some ISK loss I actually learned quite allot in the process with patch changes and items and what happens when everyone knows abut it. EVE always a learning process.

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