Back to Business

Turtle Warp Speed in the Providence

I’ve been working at getting back to the business of trade mostly. That also includes some industry effort and working on R&D. Have done quite a bit of buying lately in Jita on buy orders that even had to take the rarely flown Providence for a few spin trip at turtle speed back and forth to Jita to haul a lot of materials. For the most part for highsec day-to-day operation of attending to my trade routes it mean flying in my Covert Ops Buzzard that’s also rigged for speed. At Covert Ops ship speed it helps allot getting around to trade stations/regions across 7 regions fast since I engage mostly in Regional Station Trading.

Have spent and invested somewhere in the range of several billion ISK in Jita trade materials to move about to my local region as well as moving some that material bought to other regional stations that usually trade at. Spend another billion flat investing in a researched Capital Construction Parts BPO as an asset that I got at what I think was a good deal in Jita. I almost felt the already very good researched Capital Cons Parts BPO was a questionable buy and removal of some liquid funds. But since I use the parts manufactured with the BPO actively in manufacturing starbase items I felt it was a good asset to have at least. Plus the other reason I felt I could sell it for more than what I paid for it as an asset. However it was the most expensive purchase so far next to buying the Providence for trade business operations.

Its been several months since mostly have just let most stuff sell off on the market slowly without replacing or adding anything new to sell in stations. So slowly I’ve been buying and moving materials to various regional stations for market sell orders. And slowly all those sell orders have increased and started slowly selling to recoup at increased profit. Takes a lot of patience to be a trader and recoup a profit for ISK invested vs just sitting around in wallet. For many the regions and stations I trade at I’ve just gone back to some of the things I know from experience over the last year that I know have worked to make a profit before. As well as returning to some amount of Jita buy order buying of certain things.

One the new area have started testing out trading is moon materials since I’ve never traded them before. For me its a new market. As well neither have I manufactured anything with moon materials. Having quite a bit of science skills invested in R&D that also made it feasible to try to manufacture some T2 ship components as well with some moon materials to test profitability. Already had some T2 ship components BPO’s so was interested to test out making a few components for profit. So far things are coming along ok just testing out trading the moon materials and manufacturing some components.

Right now its just a test and see how things work out. One the thing I was trying to do was see if I could find a moon material supplier to buy directly from at a mutually good price vs relying on market buy orders in Amarr or Jita. Though I’ve talked to a few suppliers I have bought moon materials individually from in Amarr and Jita on the market nothing yet seems promising. I haven’t found anything promising price wise on purchasing materials from a supplier, plus still seeing how well some the material sell on the market. I’m not sure how well or if possible to get a better deal from a supplier on contracts than putting up a market buy order in Amarr or Jita.

But it has to be possible since another capsuleer in my local region bought some  moon materials from a station I traded at and contacted me and asked if I could supply more at a agreed price on contracts for a huge purchase. I turned around headed back to Jita and picked up some more materials, hauled another million units and sold it to the capsuleer customer contracted for a few days and made a good profit. We were both happy there on that deal.

Already had some Caldari T2 ship components BPO’s and also bought a full set of researched T2 Amarr ship component BPO’s yesterday on contract so also will be testing out manufacturing some those components and see if they can turn a profit for the effort. As well seeing if can trade some those same moon materials needed in the process. Its all fun trying to make a profit at something new.

So for now its just getting back to business as usual trading across several regional stations and some T2 ship component manufacturing.

One thought on “Back to Business

  1. Interesting about the T2 components. I’ve got a complete set fully researched but only ever use them when actually making T2 equipment, although Evemeep and Market history suggests there is a profit to be made. As to regional trading – I’m just getting to grips with Jita, but based on your post I think I need to investigate.


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