Drifting through Life in Hi-Sec Space

Its been a while, but I’m very much out there in space. Though can seem like lots to talk about, it can sometime be hard to find a reason to even talk about it or stop long enough to reflect and also talk about some aspect of life in high sec space or the feeling of it. Sometime time seem to pass slowly in space maybe because it’s so vast a universe and places in between so distant. Yet in 30 days it will be almost 1 year as a capsuleer for Ametius in space and just slowly cruising by 16.2 million skill points. Hard to believe that much training and time have flown by. However for much of the last two to three months seem like just been drifting through life in high sec space.

I’ve been wondering a bit why I’ve been feeling that way from time to time and not quite sure why. But I guess it began some maybe four or five months back maybe when I was more active and busy at life mostly as a Trader and part-time Industrialist and Researcher. Trading is my main activity and spent a lot of time growing a business trade network across various regions of space in Eden and was having a great time working at it. Some people station trade all day long in some the main market hubs. I actually enjoyed visiting various regions of space, finding a need in a region or my region, moving trade items across regions in the process and filling that need. Helping grease the economic engine of EVE in my little way. And for that profits at almost the end of the year edged right at 4.77 Billion almost all from Trading activities and some small amount from manufacturing activities. Profits was really good for all the billions of miles traveled all over regions of space making that profit. But it was work.

Managing over 300+ trade orders daily I was a bit burned out  and needed a change of pace. I remember talking about that sometime back how I had managed to max out my trader at the Tycoon skill level. All active trade slots he had and on my main character was filled. And everyday I would manage and reinvest profits into more materials and move it across I believe at the time was 8 regions daily as needed. As fun as it was, and as much as I learned doing that I was tired and a bit burned out. I needed to also reduce my trade load to something more manageable, whatever that was I was unsure. I decided I was going to let all the trade sell orders figure themselves out naturally over time on the market. So for much of the month of december I just left all my trades on the market and took a break from daily life in Eden. I went and did other things non capsuleer and space related to free my mind of it mostly and just have a break only maintaining my training matrix. I just went and played in other reality universe for a mini break.

After about a month and returning to life as a capsuleer in space I slowly restarted to again actively manage my trades and slowly make progress managing regional activity. My total trade sell orders were down by about half slowly selling off over that period of time which was great. Yet for the month to follow I didn’t add anything new to my trade business and neither did I replenish anything in any region/station that sold out. Nothing was added to trade. Only thing I did was make sure my sell orders were competitive and up to update all my market sell orders.

The rest of life in space outside of trade activities just progressed as normal spending time in region doing some manufacturing activities, some light mining for manufacturing, R & D activities with blueprints ME/PE research, contract research and a mission or two from my agent if I could get that far to think about it. Time passed by, trade orders continued to sell off which continued to reduced my trade orders and profits increased but rose much slowly than before. However I just kept doing other things as usual mostly which was also fun in different ways.

Life was just much slower checking on things once a day and visiting regions ever few days or so yet never adding anything new. Profits rose but just more slowly and I guess was just ok with that. Yet just kept working other things such as Planetary Interaction trying to tune my high sec planetary setups and making P1-P4 items though mostly P4 for manufacturing other items. R & D efforts continued researching blueprints in high sec with a lot of efforts to try to schedule and anticipate use of facility. Some invention efforts as well followed. Continued doing some light mining and manufacturing efforts as well to make use of all the various researched blueprints as assets in my hanger. And every now and then run a lvl 4 mission when i felt like it. And as such life just continued to progress at what seemed a slower pace.

In all that period of time corporate wardec’s came and past and training continued non stop. Was finally able to finish Amarr Frigate 5, having also completed Caldari Frigate 5 sometime back. This mean I can now fly both Amarr and Cladari covert ops and Stealth Bombers which occupy my hanger. I spent some time filling in holes in training in various combat skills and learning some missile skills as well as finally learning Torpedo skills for my Stealth Bombers. Eventually was also able to train Assault Ships 3 and then Battleship up to lvl 4 as well recently. At some point still need to shift back to completing some R & D science skills for research as am still lacking some skills to be able to do Inventions in some areas. Still have to fill in gaps in some my trade skills that I had yet to get back around to for Ametius that i’m only just getting back around to. So much it seem to need to learn and not seem like enough time to learn it all to be effective to various degree. For my trader Alothos he was able to complete Transport ship 4, ORE Industrial 1-4, Astrometrics 4, various amounts of missile and torpedo skills. Also fly a fully functional covert ops Caldari Frigate and now filling in some core ship skills.

And so time has just seem to drift on by and much of it has seem like a blur reflecting on things. In many ways the change of pace has been less exciting but i needed a change of pace for a while and sometime a exit from New Eden to see and do other things in moderation to prevent my own internal burnout in space. Trading profits has slowed and that has been a concern along with daily fierce market competition. I’ve spent some amount of time in the slow lane away from the daily zipping across space and regional markets to doing more manufacturing, R & D and other things also profitable. It feels allot less profitable doing bare manufacturing than the high stakes life trading that comes with risking millions, hundreds of millions and billions of ISK to make more ISK.

So when I reflect back on the time gone by in space, I needed a change of pace for a time.  Yet because of it I also felt like i’ve just been drifting through space somehow on the cosmic wind doing other things. And for many days/weeks it just hasn’t felt that exciting to sit at the space deck and write about it. Many days it just felt better to lay out on the space couch and take a long nap with career on autopilot.

One thought on “Drifting through Life in Hi-Sec Space

  1. Nice post – I know how you feel. It is always important to set yourself interesting goals in EVE, otherwise you can just sort of “float” in space, not really getting anyway.


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