Invention Research failures and progress

It’s often said the road to success in many and all avenues of life is riddled with failures. So too is invention research in New Eden and my little beginnings in Invention. Have only been at attempting research for about a week or so and have attempted 6 Invention research projects. Of all the research projects attempted have had 5 failures and 1 invention success.

Invention Research

1. Prophecy BPC – Full run BPC + War Strategon decryptor (18Million ISK) + 32 Datacores for Damnation BPC: Research Failed!

2. Hobgoblin BPC – Full run BPC + 2 Datacores for Hobgoblin II BPC: Research Failed!

3. Punisher BPC – Full run BPC + Classic Doctrine decryptor (8.3Million ISK) + 4 Datacores for Retribution BPC: Research Failed!

4. Magnate BPC – Full run BPC + 4 Datacores for Anathema BPC: Research Failed!

5. Magnate BPC – Full run BPC + 4 Datacores for Anathema BPC: Research Success. 1 run Anathema -4 ME, -4 PE lvl BPC.

6. Prophecy BPC – 5 run BPC for Damnation  BPC + 32 Datacores. Research Failed!

Don’t have to do Invention very long to start realize that Invention is quite an expensive research process.

So far Invention research hasn’t been all that encouraging but then success can be very elusive as well. I can probably schedule some more training for improved skill at Gallente Encryption Method to lvl 4 currently at lvl 1. And at least in the popular skill of Electronic Engineering to lvl 4 at least vs currently at lvl 3 as a result of drone Invention attempt. Just haven’t had time to train up those skills as yet to more effective levels.

Since have highest Invention science related skills for Amarrian research all at least to lvl 4 already I’ve mainly been attempting just Amarrian related Invention research for greater chance of success since have higher level of skills. As well as using up all the BPC’s I currently have for Amarrian ships which aren’t much left to do so.

In the past not too long ago have devoted a good deal amount of training time to learning various amounts of science skills related to having effective level 4 skills minimum to get lvl 4 R&D Agents to do datacore research as well as Research Management skills. For Invention which can be quite extensive and covering modules, rigs and ships of all 4 empires seem I’ll have to dedicate some more time to shoring up some science skills needed. Encryptions Methods for the other empires and several science skills that covers odd science disciplines. Will probably just need to focus on at least Amarr and Caldari Inventions skills mostly for a while when I do which seems more manageable than training for all 4 empires invention skills all at the same time.

Seems like a very long road ahead in the Invention Research business and in training science skills to effectiveness. Doesn’t quite seem to leave a lot of time and opportunity to continue to train a lot of other ship and combat related skills in other areas in the immediate future with science skills with lengthy training time.

As for continued Invention trying to get research facility time to make copies of BPC in empire space is more than a pain in the ass. When no facilities are ever available and at least a 2 weeks wait time to use any facility found it can be really tough to do invention without the easy and convenient ability to make blueprint copies.


  • You really should not be attempting invention without having the relevant skills at level 4. The odds are stacked against you.

  • Yeah, I know the dry spell. I’ve had 18 out of 20 regular module invention jobs fail, and I’ve had 10 out of 10 reverse engineering jobs fail at one run.

    There again, the other week I ran an invention run of 5 freighter BPCs, and got 5 successes. Now I don’t know what to do with all those jump freighter BPCs 😛

    • Nice success on the Jump Freightors BPC’s. Not even sure I can actually identify one if I even saw one since not really sure what one actually looks like.

  • Indeed, Doc is right. Get your skills to at least 4. Including the secondaries. That said, I’ve had runs of 6 or more and also had everyone fail. Next time all succeed.

    Sometimes it really is in the lap of the CCP gods…

    • Thanks H. Currently the skills doing invention with are all at lvl 4. The one i did with the drones wasn’t. But will work on them to get most of them there at least those that aren’t.

  • Yeah most of all the inventions have been doing are mostly all Inventions that are Amarrian or Amarrian Ships related since already have the highest skill level in those. Have Amarrian Encryption Method 4 and Science skills at lvl 4 so far used for Invention when doing most the Amarr based Inventions. Maybe training some the science skills to lvl 5 maybe might help a bit more though training to lvl 5 in the science skills do take some good amount of time on the training queue. Mostly have stuck to just doing Amarrian based Inventions at the moment.

    The science skills are quite plenty but do need to train up some the other skills when have time is one the main reason I really haven’t attempted inventions much with the other skills. But will do that as can get to it though.

  • Keep at it, after all that failing there must be some success coming your way now. Agree on the comments made regarding skill training however. You need to help Lady Luck a little here.

  • If you’re not using a decryptor, single-run BPCs are all that is necessary for ship invent jobs.

    • Thanks Wr3cks, I think thats good advice there, will not only keep that in mind but will put it in practice too when not using a decryptor 🙂

  • Are you also using the tech 1 item in the invention process? I have been inventing Cheetah blueprints from the Probe Blueprint at about a 30% chance without decryptors.

    Also, I found a website that will calculate the percentage chance of invention based on skills, tech 1 item, and decryptors.

    • @Killian So far I haven’t attempted at using any modules BPC for invention to use the Meta module items in as an additional item. Have mostly only attempted ships BPC for invention so far and haven’t really used a T1 ship as a additional item.

      I think i remember reading a EVE Wiki on invention thought reading it said that a T1 ship doesn’t increase the chance of success only meta 1-4 items. So in inventions so far haven’t used any T1 ships having read that or at least thought thats what I remember reading. Maybe I could be wrong so if thats the case would like to know. I could only imagine ship Inventions actually using a T1 ship can get quite expensive if using anything a cruiser size or above just as a additional item given the cost.

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