First Inventions

Its been a while now since learning various amounts of science & research skills and finally getting around to trying my hand at finally starting my first invention process. Its been kinda exciting I have to say. Though was able to do invention for some time now, just really getting around to being able to do so with available research slot.

One of my blueprints finished research earlier today so instead of putting another blueprint into material research decided to free it up and use it for trying out the invention process. Since I recently made the round yesterday to pick up various amount of datacores, decided to at least try some out in the invention process. An invention research slot at my station was available so went ahead and placed a full run Prophecy BPC  that I had into invention research. Added a optional War Strategon decryptor for increase chance of success as well. I selected a Damnation BPC for the end result research.

Invention research time was a little over 2 days so will be waiting with much anticipation and fascination at the process to see whether it will succeed for my very first try at the Invention process.


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