EVE Evolved whats been up to


T2 Transport Ship: Crane


I’ve been in a construction mindset lately. Built my first T2 ship which was a project to build for my trader Alothos since only he can fly it as a transport ship and not me. I’ve been inspired about having one for almost as long as I’ve been jetting around New Eden by a WH blogger that made it seem so cool to cruise in and have one. Its even more prettier in the colors than I have heard about for what seem ages. It was fun to build and put all the nuts and bolts in place. So finally I built one and now it belongs to my other self. Its going to be cool when I finally invent one from a BP.


My very first Battleship: Adaddon


It’s almost been a year since have taken up life as a capsuleer in New Eden and though have owned, trained and flown several smaller ships mostly frigates, coverts ops, industrials, and a battlecruiser I’m just getting around to being able to fly and own my very first battleship. It’s a step up from my long time very first built and currently very much still own Harbinger battlecruiser Pew Pew. So I mine most the minerals and since I already had a BPC for the battleship for a while I went ahead and constructed one putting in all the nuts and bolts. Will use him for doing some lvl 4 missions whenever can get around to doing so, its been about 3 months or so since last visited my agent to do any kind of combat mission.

The new PI been coming along since the incursion changes. Its been more complicated though I have adjusted and learned from those changes and still learning and adapting whenever possible I figure out something new. Needless to say I don’t find it all that easy to explain insights into things that have figure out very little or allot. Much the time is making small changes and seeing the result of things. Adapting to the new changes is constant and even minor changes but adds up allot over time.

Compared to before, some my planets are yielding more and some are yielding less so it kinda even out maybe. However with some lower yielding planets I’ve also configured setups doing multiple extractions/processing. Changing extractions on reset/scanning if it lucrative to do so to extract a different raw material at higher yield in the same general extraction area and process it due to exhausting and shifting resources. At times that has yielded quite a bit of material for processing another raw material while area resources of other materials regenerate over time.

As far as setups for my high sec PI planets, since the PI changes no two planets are even remotely similar in setup or layout. But what appears to me to be working for me is setups where extractors are positioned in such a way that they can reach multiple locations with good scanned supply of resources even as one area seemingly deplete over time. Sometimes its just multiple location setup on the same planet each with launchpad/extractor/processor extracting just a single raw material or multiple raw material on the same planet.

As for P4 activity, made my first full P4 item a lab and sold it on the market for 63M and made a modest profit on the lab as well as all the PI and P4 material used. The plan is to make some more or similar.

Freighter Project

Had plans to build one a Providence, which was going really slow. At the moment its kinda stuck in progress.

Research and Developement

Yesterday decided to go visit a few of my R&D agents that haven’t visited for a while for about the last 2 months at least. They seem far away to make the trip to visit than I last remembered maybe because its been a while since I last made the trip. But visiting 5 of my lvl 4 R&D agents was able to pick up 589 of 5 different kind of datacores that I can either sell or use for Invention purposes. Wanted to make the change to switch up one my R&D agents to research Rocket Science for datacores but then realized had only trained that science skill to level 3 and not 4 to use this particular agent. Didn’t feel like going through the trouble to relocate to a lower level agent somewhere else so will have to wait sometime soon when have time to at least train the skill. Until then research continues.

Have yet to get around to doing any Invention though have the skills. Most my research slots are currently filled with blueprints that’s been waiting days to weeks to finally get material research time. In high sec empire space that’s waiting forever anywhere from 14+ to 25-30+ days just to get an available material research slot to do research. I never keep my BP in material research longer than its necessary but some capsuleers tie up research slots doing research for forever on some BPOs.

But trying to use high sec material research facility is far from being efficient time wise. Have just a few slots dedicated to production efficiency research to do some the backlog of BPO’s I currently have that has already had material research done. At least that goes by much much faster than material research efforts. Will probably at least start doing some invention as some those slots get more freed up.


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