PI and Industrial Construction

Working with PI continues among the Incursion changes and finding what works and making adjustments. It’s different than it used to be but I’ve adapted and gotten used to it. Haven’t moved all that many of my previous PI colony setup though have made some adjustments in setups and still making adjustments. What does seem to work for me so far is having PI colony setup in between multiple areas that had previously existing good resource spots. Then shift extractors as needed to other ECU when an area is somewhat depleted or to any area that has more resources within reach. Resource spots do seem to regenerate back over time as well once depleted.

On another note working on construction of a Providence freighter. Prices have gone up a bit on the market for freighters and my buy orders was taking quite a while with prices going up. I had a Providence BPC a while now just so decided it might be fun to go ahead and construct one. As well as putting the training to good use since had trained the Capital Construction skill. Currently its taking a while as I have contracts up to get various amounts of the capital 4 parts needed. So will have to see how things turn out.

Constructing a Crane T2 ship from a BPC I have since prices are up and buy orders taking quite a while to get one the market that way. Also constructing my first battle ship an Abaddon. Lots of construction activity going on and a bit fun to at least to put the nuts and bolts into my own ships.


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