RIFT Beta – Come have some fun…

I got a Beta invite and VIP Beta Key for the latest Rift game Beta which starts today and runs till the 28th January. I’m quite interested in trying out the game and keeping the MMO in my gaming habits. Below is a posting of a VIP Beta Key i got. It’s good for use a total of 25 times or sign ups. So next 24 I guess to use it to sign up for Rift Beta invite.


Rift Beta VIP Key Code: MYQC – GFEM – MNLW – JJWZ – HN32

Good for 25 Invites.

To apply the key code go to https://account.riftgame.com and either sign up for a new account and apply VIP Key Code. Or if you already have an account log into it and apply Key Code.

That’s all you really got to do and you will get automatically invited to the latest Rift Beta which is starting today.

Have fun the next 24 people who uses the Beta VIP Key Code above and see you around somewhere in Rift Beta.

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