New Planetary Interaction so far

Somewhat less clicky, more interesting though you may say more frustrating depending on your personality, more dynamic on a planetary scale and well overall just more complicated all due to shifting planetary resources. With the old PI system you probably could calculate roughly the amount of extraction on your setup over time. That’s much harder to do now with constantly shifting planetary resources. And I’m curious to see how all this will affect the market with great curiosity.

So far since the new Incursion patch a few days ago, only thing mostly have done so far is working on Planetary Interaction and taking care of updating some trades in far regions I hadn’t tended to in some time and before they all expired on the market. Of the 15 current planets I have for PI have only had the time to somewhat revamp 10 planets so far. And of the 10 planets revamped with the new Extractor Command Unit setup so far its pretty much in flux with changes already made and while making observations over time making changes also as best necessary.

Compared to previous PI setup hadn’t really made all that much adjustment to amount of basic processors to see how things looked over time. Already have noticed over time that some processors per colony setup just remain completely idle due to lower extraction from resources as they shift. Will have to make adjustments but so far its a wait and see per individual planet before making changes. Since now using much different cycle times on planetary extractions it can be hard to say but seems more to me compared to the old PI system with the new shifting of planetary resources the level of overall production on a planetary scale have gone down it seems at the moment. As well it’s not just that easy to click click extractors like in the old PI system to reset planets where resources remained constant in an area. Now you got to make adjustments and move extractors around before you reset them which takes more time.

Planetary Interaction at the moment with the new system is now just more interesting, dynamic and complicated.



One comment

  • I’m a bit bewildered but I’ve had very little time to look at it. My first impression of my PI sites in null sec is that the resources are still where they’ve always been and output is down.

    Also a big red -27% (because there’s other harvesters near) seems calculated to escalate tensions. As I’m basically ninja farming I’m being extremely careful.

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