Planetary Interaction post Incursion: Changing Planets

Original Planetary Image and scan taken at completion of Planet overhaul 01/19/11 @ 11:28:28 AM
Same Planet, same scan image taken 01/19/11 @ 4:19:15 PM. Hot spot has shifted as well as resource scans in other locations has changed slightly depending on locations.

Usually I snap lots and lots of images of various things in-game especially while doing PI to sometime compare planet images or remember setups before making changes. These planet scans seem to confirm that post Incursion patch with Planetary Interaction that planets are somewhat dynamic with their resources shifting on the planets with level of activity. In that their resources can now shift around the planets over time based on planetary extraction activity, extraction rates and probably density of extraction being done in an area or resource hotspot on the planet. This planets didn’t have that much activity from allot of other capsuleers.

This now makes PI even more interesting than before just having to set up planets for resource extraction and every few days reset extractors. Your now probably going to have to before resetting the Extractor Command Units (ECU) program decide based on resource scans if and where to move each extractor in a given area of coverage. This somewhat explains the extraction graph curve changing over time on the Extractor Command Units program. PI now seems to be a bit more dynamic than before with planets as level of resources shift or regenerate on a planetary scale.

How all the new changes to PI will affect Trade Markets will have to be seen over time.

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